Official Smart USA proves through calculations how much bird crap can damage Smart tridion safety cell: Follow the Smart talk on Twitter

Twitter user Clayton Hove may have just written a little comment to generate a few likes or cause some laughter by tweeting ‘Saw a bird had crapped on a Smart Car. Totaled it.’ Hilarious to think bird crap had damaged a Smart Car, making it a total write off. This may have got some chuckles from his friends and other Twitter users but Smart USA had the final laugh, and this little thoughtful rection would go a long way in strenghtening people’s belief in the brand. So, how much bird crap can total a Smart car? The answer is 4,500,000 pigeon craps, or 360,000 pigeon craps, or 45,000 emu craps.

Smart USA explained their observation through a simple picture to say that would not be possible though a series of calculations, giving a detailed study on exactly how many birds and how much crap it would take to damage a Smart Car to the extent that it has no further use and has to be resigned to a dump yard.

To gain popularity or cause some humor, Hove Tweeted that the Smart Car was a total write off to his 4000 odd followers on Twitter but this obviously innocent and good humored Tweet was proved wrong by Smart Car who obviously did take the Tweet in its lighter vein. The company has gone into a detailed study on exactly how much bird’s crap it would take to destroy a car of this type. What they came out with is that it would take 4,500,000 strong and this figure and these calculations have taken Hove aback who said that he was outsmarted by a Smart Car social media, and now everyone knows about Smart tridion safety cell.