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Okinawa i-Praise electric scooter launch price Rs 1.15 L – Indian Navy 1st customer

Okinawa Scooters has launched the new i-Praise electric scooter in India. This Intelligent Scooter, as it is called by the company, is priced at Rs.1.15 lakhs, ex-showroom. Okinawa has revealed that it has already received over 450 bookings.

This was achieved in just 15 days. Only 500 scooters are on offer in 1st batch. Okinawa has also revealed that Indian Navy has become the first customer for the new i-Praise e-scooter.

Offered in attractive color options of glossy red black, glossy golden black and glossy silver black, the i-Praise e-scooter gets a detachable lithium-ion battery which requires a 5A power socket, allowing it to be charged as conveniently as one charges a mobile phone. Okinawa did not reveal the charging time required to charge the battery 100%. Instead, what they say is that in about 2-3 hours of charging time, you can achieve a range of 160-180 kms. Okinawa also says that the overall weight of the i-Praise is 30 to 40 percent less than one normally sees on EVs in this category.

Called the Intelligent Scooter, the features of Okinawa i-Praise can be accessed via the Okinawa Eco app available on Google Play Store. These include Geo Fencing, Virtual Speed Limit, Curfew hours, Battery health tracker, SOS notifications, continuous monitoring, trips, direction, maintenance and vehicle status.

Geo fencing allows the user to set a range from 50m to 10 km and receive alerts when the vehicle is about to surpass these limits. Virtual speed limit will help set speed limits and alert parents when this speed has been exceeded. Curfew hours are especially useful to those working late into the night and help to set no ride hours which will continue till the user turns it off.

Battery health tracker keeps track of the battery and the user receives notifications when battery levels run low. SOS notification is a safety feature with a list of persons who will be notified via mail or message in the event of an emergency. Continuous monitoring is a complete monitor of the vehicle behavior in terms of rider braking, acceleration, turns and speeding.

Trips feature allows the user to check the number of trips taken by the scooter on a particular date and keep a check on the number of trips and kms travelled. Direction is a GPS enabled feature offering directions to the rider and operates via the users smartphone. Maintenance and insurance reminders automatically notify users on upcoming insurance payments and regular service schedules. Vehicle Status option shows off the overall status of the scooter in terms of ignition, battery, voltage, speed and immobilization mode.

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