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Okinawa e-scooters booked online are backed by a Rs 6,000 voucher

Okinawa Electric Scooters have announced a new Independence Day offer

Independence Day is upon is, and with it comes a slurry of offers design to sweeten the deal. Okinawa India has curated offers to encourage online booking for its complete electric scooter range. Okinawa is offering gift vouchers worth Rs 6,000 to buyer who make an online booking. Once booking, and purchase is confirmed, the 6k voucher is to be delivered to the customer at the time of vehicle delivery at the showroom.

Okinawa Independence Day Offer

Gripped by Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are increasingly integrating digitalisation to ensure for a handsfree business approach. With physical distancing being a key focus, concluding processes online bodes well. Okinawa recently renewed focus on online booking through its website. The Rs 6,000 voucher deal is valid until Independence Day, 2020, i.e., today, and tomorrow.

With MoRTh announcing policy revision sin raged to how electric two-wheeler sales can be repackaged, Okinawa takes solace in the development. Policy now permits selling electric vehicles without batteries. The development bring flexibility to EV sales and pitch for a more realistic upfront vehicle cost.

Okinawa electric scooter
Okinawa electric scooter dealer

Removing the battery element not only reduces the cost of a scooter but also retrain sone to view battery cost in reference to fuel cost. The scope for swappable batteries increases, and with further development one needn’t necessarily buy a battery, but simply rent, swap, repeat, thus widening the scope for manufacturers and buyers, both.

Recently introduced Delhi EV Policy offers guidance on how the EV industry will progress in the state over next 3 years. However, at present, the policy doesn’t define benefits for lithium battery e-scooters with speeds upto 25km/hr. All benefits are reserved for high speed electric scooters and bikes.

When browsing the Okinawa digital platform, prospects could pick from custom theme painted scooters from a wide range of options. The range focuses on hand designed highlights of particular scooter details. Alongwith custom selection, one may opt for further personalisation by getting their initials painted on the scooter. Wide ranging themes include Crystal, Chameleon, Superhero, etc.

Okinawa Sales

Following resumption of ops, Okinawa reports increase in demand and sales. Currently, 75 percent of its dealerships are operational. Despite operational limitations, the brand has delivered upward of 2,000 EVs since the government announced lockdown relaxation.In July 2020, Okinawa delivered upward of 400 high speed two-wheelers.

“Okinawa has been promoting electric mobility in India. We believe that it is a gradual process to switch from ICE to EVs. However, over the period we have seen the acceptance for EVs grow among the buyers. Our festive campaign and offers are another step towards creating more awareness around EVs. The more people try EVs, the more trust we will build in the electric technology,” said Mr. Jeetender Sharma – MD and Founder, Okinawa.

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