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Ola Bus Shuttle Service to launch in Bangalore and Gurgaon

Set to go live from 21st September 2015, Ola will be launching a bus shuttle services in Bangalore and Gurgaon. The company will commence with 500 shuttles to ply over 100 fixed routes in both cities, targeting users who would otherwise use their cars or bikes to travel to their destination.

Ola Bus Shuttle Service will boast of features such as Air Conditioning, WiFi and in-vehicle entertainment. Ola has also confirmed that the maximum price for the shuttle service will be competitively priced between INR 50 – 60.

Ola Bus Shuttle Service is aimed at providing affordable, yet comfortable transport for daily commuters.

Operation of the Ola Bus Shuttle Service will be in exactly the same way as the company operates its cabs. The user will need to fire the Ola app and will be able to access real time information on shuttles plying on that particular route. Users can book the service through this app and will need to travel to the nearest point on the route to board the shuttle.

The shuttles will be of 12-20 seater and booking will be taken provided seats are available. Users of Ola Bus Shuttle Service can opt for payment facilities either through Ola Money Wallet on the app itself of through cash payments.

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As on date it is yet unclear whether Ola will actually own these shuttles or the company will act as aggregators of the shuttles and enter into agreements with shuttle owners. With no one else offering this service, Ola is the first to enter into this space while the service would be highly cost effective and convenient to office users as compared to taking their own vehicle or hailing a cab.

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