Ola claims to have helped save fuel, reduce pollution, traffic

As per statistics revealed by Ola, their Ola Share initiative has helped in reducing number of vehicles plying on Delhi roads. The company claims that Ola Share has resulted in keeping 9,10,086 vehicles off the road in Delhi.

This has also helped in reducing CO2 emissions levels by 12,90,636 kgs. Their research also reveal that 5,37,768 liters of fuel were saved as users took shared rides across the Ola platform.

Ola Cabs saves fuel

Ola Share allows users to share rides and pay only a portion of the trip cost. This not only reduces vehicle population on the road but also caters to less traffic congestion while saving of fuel is another advantage.

Head of Categories and CMO at Ola, Raghuvesh Sarup cites how Ola Share has emerged as a user friendly ride sharing solution in the country. Ola Share has been successfully running in 7 cities in India and it is this shared mobility that is slowly gaining ground in India helping the country to go green, claims Ola. The amount of auto emissions saved by Ola Share, India’s first social ride sharing platform which is to the extent of 48 lakh kgs across India is as much as the weight of 1,200 elephants.

ola cabs green initiative

Besides Ola Share, Ola Shuttle has also contributed to the Green initiative. Over 500 shuttles covering 120 routes are in service catering to commuters demands at major metro stations, business districts and other areas of high foot falls across the country. These routes covered by Ola Shuttle have been as per commuter’s demands in a unique ‘Suggest a Route’ feature. It is currently running in 7 cities in India addressing major environmental concerns, rapid urbanization and economic growth.