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Ola Electric Four Wheeler Planned For Launch After Rs 1 Lakh E-Scooter

Ola Electric Car Quadricycle
Mahindra Atom Quadricycle on Test. Image – Ashutosh

Ola Electric will launch its first electric scooter which will be manufactured at Amsterdam-based Etergo BV’s manufacturing facility

While Ola Electric is gearing up to launch its first electric scooter which is most likely to happen in January 2021, the company has now hinted at its intention of expanding its electric vehicles (EVs) portfolio. When Ola announced its plan to build its own electric scooter it took everyone by surprise.

While the step of manufacturing and retailing electric scooter for a brand that has no expertise in their production as of now is challenging itself, Ola Electric has given an indication that it doesn’t intend to stay limited to just e-scooters. This might include the development of a ‘small city four-wheeler’.

In a recent interaction with Economic Times about Ola Electric’s future plans, Bhavish Aggarwal, company’s Founder and Chairman, was quoted saying, “Our ambition is to be the leader in electric mobility for the small vehicles and small city four-wheelers”. This indicates that Ola Electric will look to expand its presence in other segments of electric vehicles.

Electric Quadricycle

Electric powertrains, especially in two-wheelers, have made their penetration into the automotive market primarily due to their technical simplicity. However, there is a lot to be done in the passenger vehicle segment.

Mahindra Atom electric spied
Mahindra Atom electric spied

Developing an electric quadricycle is easier and less complicated, in comparison to developing an electric passenger car. From development to getting nods from govt authorities – the task is simpler in the case of e-qudricycle development.

In all probability, what Aggarwal meant by ‘small city four-wheelers’ was an electric quadricycle. It perfectly makes sense since Ola Electric would like to extend its electric powertrain technology to other products as well to recover the cost. This electric four wheeler would most likely help in last mile connectivity – a domain Ola is well versed with.

Why an e-4 wheeler makes sense for Ola?

Launching an electric quadricycle also makes sense because it might help expand Ola’s original line of business which shared mobility solutions. Quadricycles are cheap and effective means of shared mobility and deemed as a more comfortable means of transportation than conventional rickshaws.

Once launched, this new electric 4 wheeler from Ola could be a potential rival to the upcoming Bajaj Qute electric, Mahindra Atom electric, and similar examples from the likes of Tata Motors, TVS, etc.

As mentioned earlier, Ola’s electric scooter is expected to be launched in a month’s time. The first batch of e-scooters will be built in a facility in Netherlands and will be sold in Europe as well as India. For reference, earlier this year, Ola announced the acquisition of Amsterdam-based Etergo BV for an undisclosed amount.

The company claims that the e-scooter will be competitively priced under Rs 1 lakh. Ola Electric is currently in search of a suitable location for it to build its own manufacturing facility with the largest two-wheeler production capacity in India.


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