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Ola Electric Scooter Will Also Be Sold Internationally – Post India Launch

Ola Electric Scooter
Ola Electric Scooter

Ola electric scooter will be launched in key international markets in FY22 following its Indian debut

The impending launch of Ola scooter has garnered much attention. While the Indian electric vehicle market continues to grow, volumes hardly make a dent. What’s needed is the right push button to make electric scooters a popular choice. And for now, that’s majorly missing.

With Ola e-scooter mega factory project bringing spearheading a larger than life development, this could very bring a much needed growth impetus for electric scooters. Already product ready, Ola is currently working round the clock to bring up its production facility.

Ola electric scooter launch

While it may all seem a distant, Ola pretty much only needs a few weeks to bring its product to the market. Tentatively in July 2021. And that’s only a start. The company has a multi prong growth plan wherein international business is important. And this too will be executed in the current fiscal.

In fact, opportunities are endless. And the giant 2.4k crore Tamil Nadu plant is just one chapter in this saga. The company is keen to take its Ola scooter product range to key markets in India within a short period of beginning sales in India.

Ola Electric Scooter India Plant - 3D Render
Ola Electric Scooter India Plant – 3D Render

Work on the Hypercharger Network is ongoing. This in itself will be scaled up to be a force to reckon with. Plans are afoot to a lakh charging points over 400 cities. This offers insight to Ola’s plans of expansion in India. While most manufacturer’s selling electric two-wheelers in India have chosen to go from city to city as part of expansion, Ola has already set its sight over a larger territory.

Hypercharger Network potential

Another major difference from other electric two-wheeler manufacturers is its immediate focus on international markets. Traditional manufacturers are making space within existing plants to manufacture electric scooters.

Newer manufacturers are building smaller plants. But Ola has spearheaded its idea with guns blazing. And with little or no competition in this space, Ola could very well lead as soon as it commences ops.

Even the Hypercharger Network proffers possibilities. It will be expanded to cater to electric cars. And with that, the company offers just the slightest hint regarding its advent into production of electric four-wheelers in the years to come. One can start counting down the days to Q2 FY22, which will herald Ola’s electric scooter debut.

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