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Ola Electric Scooter Move OS 3 Launch On Diwali 2022 – First Teaser

Ola Move OS 3 is expected to launch around Diwali, on time, unlike Move OS 2.0 which saw multiple delays

Ola Electric Scooter Move OS 3 Launch Teaser
Ola Electric Scooter Move OS 3 Launch Teaser

Ola Electric continues to promise new features for their S1 Pro electric scooter. But the good news is that most of the promised features have been released, even though they took their own sweet time. This attribute induces trust and confidence towards this startup brand that is aiming big in little time. We say this because Ola is already promising an electric car. Yeah!

Ola Electric has seen quite a few setbacks too. The fire hazard incident that took place in Pune, an S1 Pro customer set his electric scooter on fire because he claimed it was unusable and a few incidents where the front single-sided suspension fork broke. But in a world where the Takata airbag recall blunder exists that affected 7 crore vehicles worldwide with faulty airbags, Ola S1 Pro niggles are tiny.

Ola Move OS 3 Launch Timeline

Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal recently took to social media platforms to announce the Move OS 3.0 which is set to release for everyone. Not just select customers for pilot testing, everyone. That is a big promise. In that light, we can expect Move OS 3 pilot runs for select customers way before Diwali.

What is Move OS 3? Good question. Ola S1 Pro electric scooter is a new gen scooter with advanced connectivity which enables OTA updates. These updates are similar to software updates we get on our mobiles and other computing devices. Ola software updates can alter vehicle parameters and also give feature additions.

Ola Electric Scooter Move OS 3 Launch on Diwali 2022
Ola Electric Scooter Move OS 3 Launch on Diwali 2022

So, what can we expect from Move OS 3 over Move OS 2? Bhavish Aggarwal has promised some feature upgrades and additions that will add value to existing S1 Pro users in the way they interact with their electric scooter. Among many, some feature additions disclosed by Ola CEO are hill hold, proximity unlock, moods, regen v2, hyper charging, calling, and key sharing. Of these, he has teased the Moods feature of Ola Electric scooter Move OS 3 in the video below.

What Is New?

Hill hold helps users while starting on an incline where the scooter will not roll back. Proximity unlock is similar to request sensors we have on cars where the vehicle will detect that a key is near, in S1 Pro’s case, a phone. Moods might be swappable themes for the instrument console. While regen v2 refers to the new software that controls regenerative braking allowing finer control or changed regen intensity.

Hypercharging can mean that Ola is now allowing more voltage or amperage, hence increasing the wattage of charging with this Move OS 3. This will reduce the charging time by some margin. Calling feature might introduce a digital keypad on the touchscreen instrument cluster or allow you to take calls from the scooter’s speakers directly or both, if that’s your jam (weirdly). Lastly, we have key sharing allowing other people to access an Ola scooter with temporary or permanent access with their phones instead of the user’s phone.

Looking at the timeframe Move OS 2 took to launch and multiple delays, we have split opinions on whether Ola Electric can pull off the Diwali timeframe for Move OS 3. CEO Bhavish Aggarwal lauds Ola Engineering for executing this software at this speed. This means software has already been compiled and will now be under testing. Speed is good. But with development and refinement of software and hardware, speed is a recipe for disaster. 

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