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Ola Electric Scooter Owner Records 303 Km Range On Single Charge

At least two Ola S1 Pro electric scooter owners have claimed that they have achieved over 300 kms range

Ola Electric Scooter Range Record 303 Kms
Ola Electric Scooter Range Record 300 Kms

Ola Electric has had a massive start with the launch of the S1 pro electric scooter. But as we saw with recent buying trends, Ola Electric is actually losing market share to competition. In June 2022, Ola Electric had a market share of 14.70% while trailing behind the likes of Okinawa, Ampere and Hero Electric, but not by a huge margin.

Ola S1 Pro electric scooter delivers one of the highest range. Claimed range stands at about 180 kms. But there have been multiple instances where owners have managed to cross the 200 kms mark. Now, some owners are even claiming 300 kms range from a single charge.

Ola S1 Pro 300 Km Range

An Ola S1 Pro owner by the name Jigar Bharda has clocked a range of 303 km on a single charge which is a massive feat. Helping him achieve this is Ola S1 Pro’s large 3.97 kWh battery pack and a planned 303 km commute with 23 kph average speed and 40 kph top speed and the new Eco Mode unlocked with Move OS 2.0.

When we divide the 303km range with 23 kph average speed, the owner took over 13 hours to finish it. At the end, the scooter was in a 6% state of charge with only 1 km range left as indicated by the instrument console. This test was done in Eco Mode which was added with the new Move OS 2.0.

Ola Electric Scooter Range Record 300 Kms
Ola Electric Scooter Range Record 300 Kms

Another Ola Electric Scooter owner has also claimed to have achieved 300+ kms range on a single charge. Satyendra Yadav shared a photo on Twitter, with 300 kms range and 5% battery left. He rode at an average speed of 20 kmph and managed top speed of 38 kmph in the run. We have seen Ola Electric awarding free S1 Pro to owners who crossed the 200km barrier. Wonder what Bhavish Aggarwal will award customers crossing 300 km. Two Ola S1 Pro? Or an upcoming Ola Car? Time will tell.

Ola Electric Battery Cell

With Ather taking a dig at Ola about how safe their EVs are and Simple Energy One on the corner, Ola has to do better to stay ahead of the competition. Developing their own battery cells was on Ola Electric’s roadmap. But since the S1 Pro is based on the Etergo Scooter, it retained the same battery too. To keep production costs in check for next-gen electric scooters and the upcoming Ola Electric car, Ola has come up with an in-house developed battery cell.

This new battery cell was revealed by Ola Electric CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal on social media. He claims that it is their first indigenous Li-ion battery cell. Aggarwal also revealed that there is more to come in their cell technology roadmap too. This hints to us that an indigenous battery pack with an indigenous BMS along with a cooling system around this new cell is Ola Electric’s next big step.

Ola Electric Scooter Cell
New Ola Cell

Aggarwal didn’t reveal any technical specifications about this new battery cell though. It is not yet known whether it is an 18,650 cell or a 21,700 cell. Taking 21,700 as an example, 21mm is the diameter of the battery and 700mm is the length of the battery. Ola CEO also didn’t reveal the energy density, energy capacity, or battery chemistry either.

From the looks of it, Ola Electric seems to be following Tesla Motor’s footsteps. Initially, Tesla licensed Panasonic 18,650 cells and while planning for Model 3, Tesla manufactured its own 21,700 cells for costs and manufacturing scaling.

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