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Ola Electric Scooter Problems Reported – Owner Gets Free Replacement

One owner got delivered damaged Ola Electric Scooter
One owner got delivered damaged Ola Electric Scooter

After delayed deliveries, Ola electric scooters face new challenges as owners point out to multiple issues

Ambitious plans take a lot of courage and they often have to face numerous challenges along the way. Something similar appears to be happening with Ola Electric that aims to become the largest producer of electric scooters in the country.

While the scooters are well-equipped with several best-in-class features, things are not exactly working out as expected for some users. These owners have now shared their experiences online and are expecting to get a resolution soon.

Ola electric scooter owner reporting problem
Ola electric scooter owner reporting problem

Ola electric scooter – post-delivery issues

One user has reported that his Ola S1 Pro started experiencing problems soon after delivery. After riding just around 6 km, the owner noticed problems such as screeching noises and headlight issues. The scooter was subsequently towed away for repairs. When the scooter was delivered back, the owner noticed broken number plate and oil marks on the scooter. On its part, Ola Electric has offered to fix the reported issues.

Furthermore, the owner said the scooter was used for around 19 km while it was with the service team. He was also not happy with the fact that documentation for the repairs was not provided.

Ola electric scooter range issues
Ola electric scooter range issues

In another case, a Visakhapatnam-based Ola S1 Pro owner has reported that his scooter was delivered with cracks and dents all over the body. Although customer care team has assured that repairs will be done, the owner said he purchased a new product and not a refurbished product.

Ola electric scooter free replacement
Ola electric scooter free replacement

The owner also pointed out to the gap between the LCD panel. According to him, this fault can potentially damage the panel if exposed to water or rain. In this case, Ola has replied that the owner will be getting a free replacement of a brand new Ola electric scooter in pristine condition.

Ola electric scooter – insurance charges and range issue

An Ola electric scooter owner has pointed out the difference between the amount charged for insurance and the actual premium amount mentioned in policy document. As against Rs 7,471 paid, the policy document shows only Rs 6,695. As of now, Ola scooter buyers have to go with insurance chosen by the company.

Ola scooter users have also reported issues with range. In real world conditions, range is less than certified range of 121 km for Ola S1 and 181 km for S1 Pro. Ola has already issued an advisory for this in an earlier communication.

As compared to the conventional ecosystem of dealerships, Ola Electric is following an entirely online approach. Scooters are delivered and serviced at the user’s address. For repairs and other jobs that cannot be done onsite, it is likely that Ola has partnered with third-party workshops.

Ola Electric Scooter Fraud
Alert citizens reporting fraud being done in the name of Ola Electric scooter dealership

Some have also reported of fraud by unknown parties. There have been cases where fraudsters shared fake links for making payment of Ola electric scooter. Another fraud that is going on in the name of Ola Electric, is fraudsters are asking for advance payment for setting up dealership of Ola Electric.

As this is a new way of managing after-sales services, it is likely to face problems. This is exactly what appears to be happening right now. Hopefully things will improve in future, as problems are identified and resolved. Ola is working with owners to fix issues they are facing.

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