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Ola Electric Scooter S1 Buyers To Get S1 PRO – New Delivery Update

Ola Electric Scooters
Ola Electric Scooters. Image – @bhash

Ola Electric has announced that its charging network will be free for use for its customers till the end of June 2022

After numerous delays, Ola Electric finally started dispatching its recently launched electric scooters S1 and S1 Pro to customers all across the country. In a peculiar move, the EV manufacturing startup has decided to upgrade all its customers of S1 to the top-spec S1 Pro variant. However, this looks like a free upgrade, but it comes with a catch.

Ola Electric Scooter S1 Buyers – Free Upgrade?

Customers who have booked the base S1 variant of the electric scooter will receive a scooter that will be equipped with all hardware of S1 Pro. This also includes the larger battery pack but the extra features will be kept out of reach from the owners. In order to avail the full potential of hardware and extra features, customers have to shell out an additional Rs 30,000.

This will effectively make it the same monetary outlay as S1 Pro with its initial price at Rs 1.30 lakh which is a premium of Rs 30,000 over the base S1 variant. Premium features such as cruise control, Hyper mode, hill-hold assist in addition to higher range, higher top speed, higher charging rate will be unlocked only after the software upgrade.

It seems that S1 buyers will be delivered a scooter that will be laced with all specs and features of S1 Pro but will be calibrated in such a manner that users will only be able to enjoy the specs and features of S1 only. Therefore, buyers will have the option to upgrade to a higher variant even after initially buying a lower-spec variant.

Ola Electric Scooters delivery update
Ola Electric Scooters delivery update for Dec 2021

S1 and S1 Pro Specs

However, it should also be noted that customers will be provided with a larger and heavier 3.97kWh battery pack but will only be able to use a 2.98kWh capacity. This would reduce the range of battery on a single charge which is currently rated at 121 km for the base variant. Top speed will be limited to 90 kmph but with the heavier battery pack, performance could decrease.

Ola is yet to officially declare the specs of this variant and we are still waiting for official details. Meanwhile, Ola offers a common 5.5kW electric motor to both S1 and S1 Pro which return a peak output of 8.5kW and 58Nm of torque. Both models receive Normal and Sport modes but S1 Pro receives an additional Hyper mode. Further, both models receive the same hardware configurations.

Features on offer

In terms of features, amenities common to both S1 and S1 Pro include touchscreen infotainment, side-stand alert, anti-theft alert, proximity lock/unlock, remote boot lock, call and message alerts, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, onboard navigation, find my scooter, HMI moods with sound, reverse mode and much more.

Ola Electric has started working on the expansion of its charging network. On completion, it will be a dense network comprising more than 100,000 charging points which will be the largest two-wheeler charging network in the country. The charging network will encompass 400 cities across the country.

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