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Ola Electric Scooter True Range 135 Kms – How To Achieve In Real World

Ola Electric Scooter Deliveries Start
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Ola Electric has revealed the true range for the S1 Pro e-scooter which stands at 135km on a single charge

The electric scooters from Ola generated a frenzy in the online world and continue to garner interest even four months after their unveiling due to various reasons. While electric vehicles are mobility solutions for the future, hesitancy in their acceptance remains even now. The primary reason behind this is range anxiety among the masses.

People are still concerned about the distance an EV can travel on a single charge. Ola offers a claimed range of 181 kms on S1 Pro e-scooter which sounds impressive on paper. However, expecting this range in a real-world scenario would be unreasonable and the Bengaluru-based EV startup has now come up with an explanation for it.

The company has said that the ARAI-certified range of 181 kms has been attained when tested under a controlled lab environment. However, such a condition would be vastly different when driving in a real-world scenario. Ola has also shared the true range of S1 Pro which stands at 135 kms on a single charge.

Ola Electric Scooter Range In Real World

Automotive enthusiast Anish Deshpande asked Ola about the true range of their electric scooter in real world conditions. To this, Ola Electric scooter support team has replied with specific details.

Conditions under which you can achieve the True Range of 135 kms from Ola electric scooter S1 Pro in real world
Conditions under which you can achieve the True Range of 135 kms from Ola electric scooter S1 Pro in real world

The EV maker has laid out a set of conditions for buyers to achieve this range. For starters, the 135 kms range can be achieved when only there is only the rider and no pillion. Weight of the rider has been considered 70 kgs with no other load being carried on the scooter. For city driving conditions, a maximum 3-5 percent incline has been taken into account.

The entire duration of the ride has to be covered in the Normal ride mode with a moderate riding style. Even weather conditions have been pre-defined between 24 and 35-degree celsius. Implementation of all these conditions should provide the said 135 kms range. With deliveries commencing recently, it will be interesting to hear from buyers in this regard.

Ola Electric recently started shipment of the first batch of its e-scooters across the country after several delays. There are two variants of the electric scooter on sale- S1 and S1 Pro, priced at Rs 1.0 lakh and Rs 1.30 lakh (both prices ex-show) respectively. Both variants of the scooter are powered by an 8.5kW electric motor with a continuous output of 5.5 kW.

Battery Specs

That said, S1 Pro features a larger battery pack of 3.97 kWh whereas S1 gets a smaller battery pack of 2.98 kWh. There has been no approval of a true range in S1, however, previous claims of an ARAI-rated range has been pegged at 121 kms. The true range of the base S1 trim will also be exciting to see in the coming future.

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