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Ola Maps In The Making – For S1 Pro, Upcoming Electric Car

Currently, Ola uses mapping services by MapmyIndia for GPS, navigation and maps on the S1 Pro on the Move OS 2.0 firmware

Ola Electric Scooter Maps
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Ola has been in the news time and time again for various controversies. Amidst all controversies, the company has catapulted itself from struggling to get its products delivered, to becoming the largest electric scooter manufacturer in India by sales and volumes. Recently, the S1 Pro crossed the 200 km mark on a single charge.

Ola has established itself as a major electric scooter manufacturer in India. Now, the company is working on improving its products and delivering all the features that were promised at launch with the Move OS 2.0 update.

Ola Mapping Services

Every company that has an online presence, uses mapping services to position itself on the internet. But for automotive companies like Ola, mapping services are a lot more complicated than that. Ola has to integrate maps, GPS, features and custom attribute data in their applications.

As of now, the company is using MapmyIndia as their current custom mapping service provider. Through MapmyIndia, they can host features like integrating charging stations, charging station operating status, service station status and experience places.

Ola Electric Scooter
Ola Electric Scooter

Mapping services take geological information systems (GIS) from GIS vendors to form the base map on which they add layers of mapping information, business information and other services. For the navigation system to work on the S1 Pro with Move OS 2.0, Ola has chosen MapmyIndia.

The problem arises as MapmyIndia has a lot of clients other than Ola. According to industry insider Yogesh Brar, Ola is developing its own mapping services like the American company Tesla did. This way, Ola can have complete control over what exactly they want their navigation system to show. It also allows them to achieve their roadmap earlier and fulfill their vision just like they envisioned.

Move OS 2.0

Ola’s indigenous mapping services will not be incorporated into the upcoming Move OS 2.0 update. The update is likely to roll out to the public by the end of June. Move OS 2.0 is only expected to bring music playback, navigation, smartphone connectivity, a new Eco mode and keyless locking/unlocking via the connected phone. Cruise control feature will be added in a future update.

Ola hasn’t confirmed if they’ll incorporate their in-house developed mapping services in their S1 and S1 Pro with a future update or will it debut with Ola’s next electric scooter or their upcoming electric car. For now, Ola is still using MapmyIndia as its mapping service provider. This enables the navigation systems on S1 Pro with Move OS 2.0 update.


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