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Ola S1 Pro Vs Ather 450X – Electric Scooters Compared Side By Side

Ola Electric Scooter Vs Ather 450X
Image – Pradeep On Wheels

Competition in EV space will be a lot more intense and brutal owing to rapidly evolving technology

Ather was among the first companies to launch their electric two-wheeler in India. Its flagship product is 450X, which has a comprehensive range of advanced features. However, 450X is likely to face stiff competition in the future from rival products like Ola S1 Pro. A side-by-side comparison between Ola S1 Pro vs Ather 450X can help understand which scooter offers more value.

Ola S1 Pro Vs Ather 450X

Ather 450X has a sporty profile, something that would appeal to young audiences. In comparison, Ola S1 Pro has a much simpler, clutter-free design. There are no unnecessary panels that could potentially increase drag. S1 Pro comes across as a cute scooter and its design is likely to be acceptable to a broader set of users. Moreover, there are 10 colour options for S1 Pro, as compared to 3 for Ather 450X.

Ola S1 Pro has better numbers in most technical aspects. For example, S1 Pro has 3.97 kWh battery pack, connected to an 8.5 kW motor that generates 58 Nm torque at motor shaft. 450X has 2.9 kWh battery pack, connected to 6 kWh motor that generates 26 Nm of peak torque. Both scooters have fixed, non-removable batteries.

In terms of range, S1 Pro offers almost double the numbers of 450X. In Normal mode, S1 Pro can travel 155 km, as compared to 85 km in Eco mode by 450X. For customers with range anxiety or folks who want to avoid frequent charging, Ola S1 Pro can be the preferred choice. However, range anxiety should not be a concern, as both manufacturers are building a wide network of fast charging stations. Take a look at the detailed comparison video below, credit to Pradeep on Wheels.

Another plus for S1 Pro is its speed and acceleration. It can reach 0-40 kmph in 3 seconds whereas 450X takes 3.3 seconds. Top speed is 115 kmph for S1 Pro and 80 kmph for 450X. When on the road, S1 Pro users can load 75 km in 18 minutes using a fast charger. 450X numbers are much less at 15 km in 10 minutes. Overall charging time at home is also faster for S1 Pro.

For everyday needs, S1 Pro offers bigger boot space as compared 450X. But there’s no lighting inside S1 Pro boot, as compared to 450X that has a small light to illuminate the underseat storage. Some users have pointed out to the protruding floorboard of S1 Pro, which can create problems for carrying items like cartons, suitcase, etc. In comparison, Ather 450X has a more useful flat floorboard.

In terms of tech features, both scooters seem to be equally capable. However, S1 Pro has some additional features such as keyless access, voice, assistant, hill hold control and cruise control.

Ola Electric Scooter Vs Ather 450X
Image – Pradeep On Wheels


On-road price of Ather 450X in Bengaluru is Rs 1.51 lakh. In comparison, Ola S1 Pro works out cheaper at Rs 1.41 lakh. While Ola S1 Pro appears to be better equipped and also cheaper than Ather 450X, other factors can also influence consumer purchase decisions. For example, users may enquire about after sales services, maintenance cost, running cost, life of battery, etc. Build quality is another thing that users may want to assess in more detail.

It is to note that while Ather has conventional dealer and service network, Ola Electric has chosen to work directly with its customers. Ola electric scooters will be delivered directly to the customer and serviced at their preferred location. The effectiveness of this new setup remains to be tested.

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