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Ola Stops Production Of S1 Electric Scooter – Buyers To Get S1 PRO

Ola Electric scooter S1 discontinued
Ola Electric Only Making S1 Pro – S1 Production Delayed

Customers who have booked S1 have received communication that S1 variant will be manufactured only in late 2022

Even as Ola Electric has commenced deliveries since December last year, not all customers seem to be happy. In the latest development, S1 buyers have been informed that S1 manufacturing has been shifted to late 2022. In its communication, Ola Electric has said that it will be prioritizing production of S1 Pro, as the vast majority of customers have opted for the top-spec variant.

Options for S1 buyers

With priority being given to S1 Pro, people who have booked base-spec S1 can choose the upgrade option. This can be done when the final payment window opens on Ola app on January 21 at 6 PM. Dispatches will continue throughout January and February. Customers may have to wait 10-20 days post-dispatch to get home delivery of their scooter. It will depend on customer’s location and RTO requirements in a particular city.

As per the email sent to buyers of S1 electric scooter, it meant that buyers have the option to wait till production resumes for that variant. Resulting in additional waiting time of around 9-11 months.

Customers will be notified as soon as production resumes for S1. They can then make the final payment. Other option for S1 buyers is that they can cancel the booking. This can be done on Ola app or by contacting their customer support team.

Ola S1 Electric Scooter Discontinued Temporarily - Customers Notified
Ola S1 Electric Scooter Discontinued Temporarily – Customers Notified

New Update For S1 Buyers

On the same day the above email was sent to Ola S1 buyers, the company CEO posted an update regarding the same matter. He said, “We’re upgrading all our S1 customers to S1 Pro hardware. You’ll get all S1 features and can unlock Pro range, hyper mode, other features with a performance upgrade. Thank you for being early supporters of Mission Electric! Dispatch in Jan, Feb. Email to follow with details.”

Ola S1 Buyers Get Update
Ola S1 Buyers Get Update

S1 customer reactions

With Ola sending two different updates on the same day to S1 electric buyers, has caused a bit of a confusion. Many S1 customers have shared their feedback on social channels. Some are happy that they are now going to get the option to upgrade in the future.

Some are apparently miffed and are calling it a biased approach by the company. Things would have been different if production was delayed for all variants. But when priority is being given to a particular variant over other, it is naturally being opposed by buyers.

Ola S1 Buyers Get Update
Ola S1 Buyers Get Update

Some customers are also saying that they are essentially being forced to upgrade to S1 Pro. This may not be possible for everyone, as it requires an additional payment of around Rs 30k. It remains to be seen how Ola Electric responds to such complaints. Many times in the past, businesses had to change their decisions based on consumer feedback.

S1 vs. S1 Pro

While S1 can suffice for everyday needs, S1 Pro buyers get several additional benefits. For example, while S1 has ride modes of Normal and Sport, S1 Pro gets an additional Hyper ride mode. In Hyper mode, top speed of the scooter is 115 kmph. This may not be fully utilized in city conditions, but it can still come handy during overtaking. S1 top speed is 90 kmph.

S1 Pro has faster acceleration as well, with 0-40 kmph achieved in 3 seconds. In comparison, S1 takes 3.6 seconds. Most useful benefit of S1 Pro is that it offers a higher range of 181 km. In comparison, S1 has range of 121 km. It is to note that true range can vary based on various factors. Higher range means more freedom to explore and fewer pit stops for charging, be it at home or outside.

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