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Omega Singha electric is India’s first EV cargo three wheeler

Omega electric rickshaw

Omega CEVs (commercial electric vehicles), Singha, and Singha Max are specced as electric cargo three wheelers. The two new EVs are designed to cater to B2B and e-commerce industry needs.

Omega Seiki Mobility announces its smart electric mobility journey at an investment of 200 crores. Omega Singha and Singha Max bookings and deliveries will commence at Auto Expo 2020 next week. The two electric cargo rickshaws are powered by swappable Li-ion battery, with 100 km range on single charge, and cargo capacity of 500kg. A Li-ion 48v battery returns max torque of 80 NM. The duo have top speed of 30 Kmph and 60 Kmph, respectively.

Singha features an instrument cluster that’s smart to work with an app to source data through telematics and cloud computing. This provides access to current data regarding vehicle positioning, running, mileage, best route tracking, navigation, etc.

Omega electric rickshaw

Omega Seiki CEVs are built jolly from components sourced in India. A manufacturing facility has been set up in Faridabad. Annual capacity stands at 12,000 vehicles in Phase I. Over time, the manufacturer will increase production capacity, or set up other facilities to match volume growth. Total investment is planned at Rs. 200 Crores in multiple phases.

With the intro of emission-free cargo transportation and people movement, Singha cargo vehicle is targeted at B2B and e- commerce segment. This is because the ‘Push towards B2B adoption of electric vehicles is driven by several factors’. This includes productivity and economic gain.

Omega electric rickshaw

Omega Seiki believes EVs can safely handle last-mile delivery while being cost effective, and keeping overall acquisition cost of asset under check. With BSVI emission norms becoming a mandate from April 1, 2020, it’s no doubt that all future vehicles sold will need to deliver on the premise of ‘cleaner and greener’. The EV segment in keeping with global practices could reduce carbon footprint and fossil fuel dependency.

Omega Seiki Singha range comes with the allure of low running cost. The company puts running cost at 50p per km or Re 1 per 2 kms. Built around Li-ion battery tech, it’s being showcased as a ‘Zero Maintenance’ battery. Gross vehicle weight is at 960 kgs. Roller cage support structure provides driver safety. Fixed and swappable battery options make for user convenience. Price will be revealed at Auto Expo 2020 next week.

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