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OneDoorCar is a one door car concept from Russia by Alexander Createric

The OneDoorCar concept from designer Alexander Createric features a vehicle that is a cube with sides that measure 2.5 metres in length, which equates to 8.2 feet. It sits at a height of 6.8 feet (2.1 m), and a width of 6.5 feet (1.98 m). This vehicle can seat 4 people. At the 2.7 metres (8.85 feet) variant, it will seat 4 + 2 people. Designed so as to comfortably seat 4 individuals along with their luggage this concept car design is shorter than a Smart ForTwo coupe. At the length of the Smart ForTwo car, it sits 6 individuals.

The concept was presented at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and has elicited interest from many automakers though no one has come forward to take this design to the next level. Layout of this vehicle resembles that of an airport shuttle which has luggage area situated between the aisle and can be accessed via a single rear door. Of course, passengers need to alight and exit teh vehicle from the same point, since it’s essentially a one car door. The concept car from Russia is being presented as a safe and comfortable drive for 6 persons instead of two like in the Smart fortwo from Mercedes because that’s your size comparison.

It does appear that driver and passengers weight theoretically should keep this vehicle from turning over. The folding seat combinations should offer some flexibility, and to an extent seating comfort. The features of the OneDoorCar concept has the engine of the car located on the side of the passage under one or more seats. In Alexander Createric’s words, ” This concept car was privately presented on the Geneve MotorShow 2013 to more than 20 major automakers company and this caused a big interest from them. I hope, with cooperation of the major automakers companies, this type of car will be available soon on the roads around the world, and we can¬†significantly reduce traffic jams in big cities, increase the number of parking spaces and make cars safer.”


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