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Srikarunya Subrahmanyam goes on longest journey in a single country in Tata Nano and sets Guinness World Record

Breaking the previous record of 8,046 kms, the small car was taken on a cross country journey by Srikarunya Subrahmanyam, Mr. Venugopal and Mr. Balamurgan. The Nano stood the test displaying a high level of dependability. Tata Nano continued to stay in news when Narain Karthikeyan, India’s F1 motor racing champion released a book ‘Atop the World’ authored by Thomas Chacko. Chacko, 63, from Kochi is a motoring enthusiast who has taken a 78 day expedition in the Nano.

The Nano proved its mettle in this Pan India expedition conquer the most coarse and rugged road patches and the adventures all along the journey. For fans of the little car from Tata Motors, earlier thismonth the Indian automaker did launch Tata nano CNG emax, and hopefully it can contribute well to Tata’s dwindling sales.

Ranjit Yadav, President – Passenger Vehicles Business Unit, Tata Motors said, “The Tata Nano has put India on the world motoring map when it comes to frugal engineering. The car has made us proud yet again with this record. The Tata Nano has proved its robustness and reliability in many car rallies and expeditions undertaken by Tata Motors and by customers on their own. It is motoring enthusiasts like Karun and Thomas who emote true passion for motoring. We are proud to be associated with them and we will continue to encourage such expeditions as it will enable customers to further understand and experience the brand’s true value.”

Narain Karthikeyan said, “I lately have seen a new breed of traveller emerge, one who has a streak of adventure and passion for motoring. I have known people who have driven immense distances just for the fun of it, even though a far more painless option of taking a flight or a train was always there. This is exactly the spirit that encourages enthusiasts like Srikarunya and Thomas to overcome challenges that comes with driving long distances especially the sort of mileage that they have done. But all this effort has to be backed up by a reliable package – which is the car and having been involved with the Nano since it existed on a drawing board, I am not surprised that it has managed to achieve this.”

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