Opel Adam small car bookings begin next month

Looked upon as competition to Fiat 500 and Mini, the new Opel Adam, a joint offering from Opel and Vauxhall, will be on display at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The company will also be announcing prices and accepting orders as on that date. Opel Adam will be offered in three trim models – JAM, GLAM and SLAM and will see plethora of onboard infotainment features and smartphone connectivity for Apple iOS and Android OS.

Compact and measuring 3.70 mtrs in length, Adam will possess three engine options which will include a 1.2 liter 69 hp and a 1.4 liter with either 86hp or 99 hp while all will be mated to a five speed manual with Start / Stop facility. The German car makers along with their British counterparts have announced that Adam will be first model in A segment with LED daytime running lights.

Since it is competing with BMW Mini and Fiat 500, naturally it will possess equally competitive exterior and interior features. Unlimited exterior paint options coupled with interior upholstery and kit choices, there is a high possibility that there will not be two identical Adams. Prices are awaited but it looks like the company will compete with BMW Mini and Fiat 500 on that count as well.

Read the press release below for more information.

News Release

Opel ADAM: Just Unique

Engineered and produced in Germany – Opel’s first fashionable urban car
Bold design visualizes individuality and dynamics
Three different “mood” worlds set stage for virtually unlimited combinations
ADAM introduces premium technologies to fashion-led A-segment
Unique infotainment system brings smartphone integration into the car

Rüsselsheim.  With the all-new ADAM, Opel is entering the fashion-led A-segment with a chic, small, urban car. The Opel ADAM combines bold, powerful design with potential for almost unlimited personalization, making each ADAM totally unique. It also provides premium technologies from upper segments, including a new onboard infotainment system which integrates the owner’s smartphone in the car (Android and Apple iOS) and thereby makes internet-based applications available in the cabin.

Measuring almost 3.70 meters in length (1.72 meters width excl. mirrors), the agile three-door is perfect for urban environments. Inside its cabin, the Opel ADAM offers seating for four people who will benefit from its premium-inspired atmosphere and a high degree of roominess unusual for a small car. In the A-segment, Opel already offers the Agila which impresses with its practical strengths. Now the new sporty and elegant ADAM targets especially trendy urban customers who are looking for a car that expresses their personal style. Experts predict the lifestyle-orientated sub-segment to grow steadily over the next years.

“The new Opel ADAM offers lots of growth potential for our brand. We are very proud that our fashionable small car brings German engineering excellence to its segment,” says Opel CEO Karl-Friedrich Stracke. “In fact, the ADAM is the only A-segment car that will be exclusively built in Germany. We are sure that it will get a fantastic reception in Paris at its world premiere in September:”

The Opel ADAM will initially be offered with three efficient gasoline engines (1.2 l 51kW/70 hp, 1.4 l 64 kW/87 hp and 1.4 l 74/100 hp) combined with a five-speed manual transmission. All powertrains are available with an ecoFLEX technology pack including fuel-saving Start/Stop technology. Later on, a new generation small gasoline engine will make its premiere in the ADAM, featuring direct injection turbocharging for further enhanced efficiency and performance. This new engine will be combined with a completely new generation six-speed manual transmission.

Customize: “Almost unlimited” choices

ADAM innovates and introduces a totally new trim approach. Rather than having the well-known trim hierarchies, customers can choose from three different highly individualized trim moods or worlds: JAM is unconventional, fashionable and colorful, GLAM offers a more elegant, refined and sophisticated setting and SLAM appeals to those with energetic and sporty attitudes. ADAM JAM, ADAM GLAM and ADAM SLAM: these three “mood” worlds set the stage for a virtually unlimited potential for personalization with a wide choice of exterior colors, three roof colors, different interior colors, decors and various headliners -including an LED lit “starlight” roof trim – and other premium inspired distinctive design elements.

Mark Adams, Opel Vice President, Design explains: “No other car in this segment can be personalized as much as the Opel ADAM because we are offering virtually unlimited exterior/interior color, fabric, decor and kit combination possibilities. It’s unlikely our customers will see another car like theirs.”

Select: Bold exterior with iconic silhouette and premium inspired interior

ADAM introduces Opel’s award-winning philosophy of “sculptural artistry meets German precision” to the fashion-led A-segment. And unlike other rivals, ADAM bucks the trend of retro-based design with a modern and bold look.

ADAM’s striking and unique “floating” roof which is visually disconnected from the body allows a perfect execution of a two-tone color combination. The car’s name badge is – unlike with most other cars – placed at the end of the chrome “signature” window molding on the rear pillar, which adds to its unique appeal. In the wide front grille, the ADAM has the new wing-shaped chrome bar with the embossed Opel emblem as introduced in the new Astra line-up. On the flanks there are design cues such as the blade shape in the lower door and the characteristic crisp “shock wave” around the door handles known from the Astra GTC. The headlamps feature wing-shaped daytime running lights (DRL) typical for Opel. For the first time in the A-segment, both the headlamps and the taillights are available with state-of-the art energy-saving LED technology.

The interior design delivers what its upmarket exterior promises: style and premium inspired ambience in a remarkably spacious environment for a small car. With sculpted, harmonious surfaces and graceful flowing lines just like its bigger brand brothers Astra, Meriva and Insignia, the ADAM rounds off Opel´s brand promise in its latest and smallest declination. The round, chronograph-style instruments and chrome bezeled switches convey an aura of sporty precision.

Connect: With upscale equipment including smartphone integration

ADAM is the first car with Opel’s all-new state-of-the-art infotainment system that not only brings its owner’s smartphone capabilities to the vehicle but also adds further value to them, offering even more convenience and flexibility than a conventional system. The new system is exclusive to the A-segment because it not only offers smartphone connectivity for Apple iOS software but is also compatible with Android operating systems.

The new infotainment system makes selected smartphone content including internet based applications such as GPS navigation available in the cabin. It collects the content and displays it on the seven-inch, high-resolution and full-color touch screen which also provides quick and intuitive access to various user friendly control-functions via five easy to navigate menus.

In addition, new media sources such as MP3 players, iPodsTM and tablets can be brought to the ADAM thanks to BluetoothTM and USB connectivity. There is a plug-in outlet for music devices that do not use USB or BluetoothTM connections. ADAM owners who wish to enjoy a video or personalized slide show, can do so when the car is stationary.

Activate: Upscale advanced technologies for the first time in the A-segment

ADAM introduces many upscale and innovative technologies into the A-segment that can usually only be found in higher segments. For the first time it makes the new generation Advanced Park Assist (APA II) available. Drivers engage the system with a button on the dashboard and it tells them when they pass a parallel parking space large enough to accommodate the car. The system then automatically steers them into the parking space, with the driver just controlling the brake, clutch and gears. It always comes in combination with Side Blind Spot Alert (SBSA) which also uses ultrasonic sensors. Another first in the A-segment is the heated steering wheel which adds another premium touch to ADAM’s cabin.

Ride: Agile and crisp chassis with ESP standard on all ADAMS

ADAM’s bold stance is further emphasized by its broad footprint (front track: 1485 mm/ rear track: 1478 mm). Its chassis with a wheelbase of 2311 mm is geared towards maximum active safety and comfort. MacPherson struts with a sub-frame have been fitted to the front axle. The rear axle of the ADAM features a torsion beam compound crank design. Wheel sizes range from 15” to 18”, and cars that are specified with 17” or 18“ rims come standard with a more responsive Sports chassis and steering feeling. The ADAM’s Electrical Power Steering (EPS) includes a dedicated CITY mode which at the flick of a switch increases power assistance at lower speeds – particularly useful for maneuvering. The comprehensive ESP of the latest generation is also standard in all ADAMS and comes complete with many useful sub-functions such as Hill Start Assist.

A high level of passive safety is ensured by an ultra-rigid passenger cell mainly made from high-strength steel. This is complemented by front, side and head curtain airbags as well as Dual Seat Belt Pre-tensioners at the front seats which offer additional knee and leg protection. Other safety features include two sets of ISOFIX points plus top tethers in order to easily and safely attach child seats on the 50:50 split foldable rear bench.

The all-new Opel ADAM will be available to order after its official world premiere at the Paris Motor Show (September 29 – October 14, 2012). First cars will hit the showrooms in January 2013.


Opel ADAM: Big Investments for a small car

Plant in the Thuringian region of Eisenach gets ready for start of production
Variety of trim customization poses challenges for manufacturing experts
Only car in its segment to be made in Germany

Rüsselsheim. Eisenach in Thuringia: 43,000 inhabitants. The birth place of Johan Sebastian Bach is crowned by its Wartburg castle. There is a lot of culture and natural beauty. However, Eisenach is also famed for something completely different: there is a lot of pride for the local tradition of car manufacturing. The Adam Opel AG factory nestles in the idyllic Hörsel valley named after its river and is now full of manufacturing experts who are gearing up to the production launch of the Opel ADAM.

Be it colors, trim levels or interior design details – never before has a car of this segment been able to boast such a broad variety of customization. For the customer this is a major highlight but for the manufacturing expert it is a big challenge. However, the employees of Eisenach are keen to take on this task. “With this car we can really show people out there what our skills are. Customers will be surprised to see the level of customization available for our trendy, urban car when it hits dealerships early next year,” says the Director of the plant, Stefan Fesser.

With his 1,600 strong staff, Fesser has been working on a meticulous launch plan for over a year. And he has been doing all this while the highly successful Corsa has still been rolling off the assembly line. In fact, millions have already left the factory. Opel has invested 190 million euro to ready the location for the ADAM including the construction of new buildings as well as ultra-modern production facilities.

Opel ADAM – Committed to Germany

It is highly unusual in the automotive sector that a car of this segment is made in Germany. Opel is the only car maker that has taken such a decision because of the proven track record of the plant. “The ADAM poses complex production and logistical challenges that we are happy to face. We want to underscore the fact that yes, it is possible to make such a car in Germany,” Stefan Fesser says.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Eisenach plant, customers will be able to enjoy almost limitless possibilities of trim customization. They can choose from a broad spectrum of exterior gloss, combined with three different roof colors. In addition they can choose from various interior colors, decors and various headliners -including an LED lit “starlight” roof trim.

Mark Adams, Opel Vice President, Design explains: “No other car in this segment can be personalized as much as the Opel ADAM because we are offering virtually unlimited exterior/interior color, fabric, decor and kit combination possibilities. It’s unlikely our customers will see another car like theirs.”

Completely new infotainment system – Android and Apple iOS are integrated

In addition, the ADAM offers premium technologies that are normally only found in upper vehicle segments, including an all-new onboard infotainment system that enables the integration of (Android and Apple iOS) smartphones including internet based applications.

Last finishing touches for production facilities

During the official works holidays that have started this week, the manufacturing experts are using the lull in production to put the final finishing touches to the ADAM changeover. It will be built on same assembly line as the Corsa. To make to different vehicles on one line requires a high degree of concentration. The first test vehicles have already been assembled. The prototype cars with their black-and-white chess board pattern have been spotted out and about in Eisenach in the last few weeks, causing quite a stir.

New production building, new paint robot and welding facilities

At the heart of the plant expansion is the new production building E100. In an area of 22,000 square meters body and chassis components are welded and mounted. All-new welding facilities have been put in place.

The new production plant has direct access to the railway line so that parts can be delivered. In addition there are seven rear docking and one side docking station for trucks. The new assembly center is connected to the bodywork shell construction location as well as the final assembly line. This ensures that components can reach the assembly station along the line.

The paint shop also had to be readied for the ADAM. The line has now been fitted with ultra-modern robot technology that ensures the best possible and efficient application of paint on all the different body styles.

The all-new Opel ADAM will be available to order after its official world premiere at the Paris Motor Show (September 29 – October 14, 2012). First cars will hit the showrooms in January 2013.