Opel Cascada convertible teased: Officially

Opel Vauxhall has released images of their new convertible, Cascada. Set to make its entry at the Paris Motor Show later this month, Opel Cascada sales are scheduled only for early 2013. Cascada will be a four seater and its drop top can be operated electronically at speeds of upto 30 mph (50 kmph).

In its interiors, Cascada will be seen with similarities according to Astra hatchback. Extensive use of chrome trim and other interior accents will give Cascada a premium advantage while engine will also add to the luxuries offered and will include a 195 hp 2.0L BiTurbo diesel engine while a 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol engine and a 2.8 liter turbocharged V6 motor is also included.

Vauxhall has also confirmed that they are getting set to offer anew midsized 1.6 liter turbocharged petrol engine with direct injection technology which could make its presence felt sometime soon which may also find its way into Cascada. More details will be revealed on a visit to the Vauxhall pavilion at 2012 Paris Motor Show.

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Revealed: New Opel Convertible is called Cascada

High quality, classy soft top roof for pure open-air indulgence
Sleek mid-size, 4.70 meter long four-seater convertible

Rüsselsheim. Now it’s official: the new Opel convertible is called Cascada. Derived from the Spanish word meaning waterfall, the name ends in the traditional letter “a” typical for Opel. It also conveys a rhythmic, dynamic and flowing elegance, beauty, freshness and pure pleasure for open-air driving.

The muscular, sculpted new Opel Cascada with its beautifully balanced proportions and elongated silhouette has a classy and stylish appearance. Its high quality soft top underscores the car’s elegance and finesse. It is aimed at customers with refined tastes and high expectations. These are people who love to indulge in an open-air experience with the soft top down.

With its sleek, 4.70 meter long body, the new, four-seater Opel open-air model is a contender in the mid-size convertible segment. In that sense the Cascada is more closely linked to the prestigious and classic Opel convertibles of the fifties and sixties such as the “Kapitän” and “Rekord” variants, than to the compact convertible models of the past two decades.

Numerous premium features and technologies underscore the high standard of craftsmanship found in the new Opel Cascada. At the touch of a button, the high quality fabric roof can be opened quickly and smoothly even while the car is moving at speeds of up to 50 km/h.

Cascada is already the third new model name introduced by Opel this year after Mokka and ADAM: This is proof that the brand is developing its product portfolio even further, entering three new vehicle segments within only a few months with a sub-compact SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), a fashionable, small, urban car and an elegant mid-size convertible.

The new Opel Cascada has its sales launch early 2013. Contrary to widespread speculation, it will not be displayed at the Paris “Mondial de l´Automobile” show: Paris is where the new Opel ADAM will celebrate its world premiere.