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Overloaded truck topples on a passenger car leaving 5 dead

A Maruti Swift which had five passengers in it, was taking a turn at Chomu Circle, Jaipur, Rajasthan. At the same time, an overloaded truck adjacent to them was also taking the same turn. The car was on the inside lane, while the truck was on the outside lane.

The truck was overloaded and was taking the turn at a higher speed than it should have. This resulted in the truck losing balance and toppling. The cargo included sacks of salt. Total weight of the cargo was 41 tonnes. With the cargo spread out, no one knew that there was an entire car filled with passengers beneath this truck.

Unaware that there was a car beneath the truck, rescuers and local police start removing the truck and its cargo from the Chomu Circle, which will soon get busy with traffic as the day was about to start. It was only after two hours that the rescuers realized that there was a car beneath the truck. All of them at the accident spot were left shocked.

In an interview with Times of India, local cops stated – “At first, we thought it was a simple case of an overloaded truck turning turtle due to a sharp turn, however, when we lifted the truck, we found a car buried under it. The car was completely flattened and the bodies disfigured. It was an arduous task for us to remove the bodies from the car as they were badly trapped.”

It took some time for the cops to figure out who the passengers were. When they contacted their family, it was realized that the couple travelling in the car had just gotten engaged and were to marry in the coming months. They were on their way to Nahargarh Fort.

As is the case in such situations, the driver and the helper of the truck managed to flee the accident spot even before anyone arrived. Cops are looking for them.

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