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Ozone Alice Electric Car Teased Ahead Of India Debut In 2021

Ozone Electric Car Prototype
Ozone Electric Car Prototype

Yet another Indian startup is getting ready to showcase a made in India electric car this year

In what could be a game changer for the electric car segment in the country, Ozone Motors will be unveiling its first product in 2021. Named Alice Urban, the EV has been especially designed for urban commutes.

Ozone Alice electric car promises to solve the current set of challenges in this segment such as high cost of acquisition and long charging time. It has been in development for the past few years, and now the first teaser of the prototype has been shared.

Ozone Motors Alice Urban design and styling

As can be seen in the teaser image, Alice Urban has a compact, aerodynamic design. The front grille stretches all the way to the edges, where it is flanked by LED headlamps and boomerang shaped LED DRLs.

As the focus is more on practicality, Alice Urban is expected to have a minimalistic look and feel. It is likely to use lighter alloys and composite materials to reduce weight and extract more miles from the battery. More details about the electric car will be revealed in the coming days.

Ozone Electric Car Prototype
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Ozone Motors Alice Urban tech specs

As compared to other electric cars available for sale in the country, Alice Urban has relatively modest numbers in terms of range and top speed. The top speed is rated at 70 km/h whereas range is 150 km. This has been purposely done to keep the pricing affordable.

As of now, the cheapest electric car available in the country is Tata Tigor EV, which retails in the range of Rs 9.58 lakh to Rs 9.90 lakh. Top selling Tata Nexon EV is available at a starting price of Rs 13.99 lakh. Others like MG ZS EV and Hyundai Kona are priced above Rs 20 lakh. The high pricing of these cars has made them inaccessible to a large number of customers who may be interested in buying an EV.

Alice Urban can be expected to be offered at lower prices. The price difference would be significant enough to motivate customers to switch to an electric vehicle. With lower cost of acquisition, Alice Urban will also appeal to first time car buyers as well as youngsters who are more willing to contribute to environmental causes.

Ozone Electric Car Prototype
Ozone Electric Car Prototype

With its smaller battery setup, Alice Urban has a faster charging time. It can achieve a full charge in just 180 minutes. This will be useful when charging the vehicle at a recharging station in the city.

Advanced tech features

Alice Urban will be equipped with a range of internet connected smart features. Below is a short video of the Ozone Alice electric car early prototype in action.

Ozone Motors is a leading provider of vehicle tracking and safety systems and it will be an easy job to equip Alice Urban with the same set of features. Expect Alice Urban to have smart features such as real-time vehicle tracking, vehicle speed monitoring, vehicle location update, remote engine on/off, unauthorized vehicle movement detection, and SOS button.

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