Paris Motor Show: New Dacia Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway

New Dacia Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway are on display at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. While the new Dacia Logan is projected as a family car, the Sandero is a compact hatchback capable of accommodating upto five adults and the Sandero Stepway may be a hatchback but is more adventurous off roader.

All these three new models are true Dacia specialties with their spacious cabins, sturdiness and simplicity even though they are being offered in a new range of styles, with enhanced features and efficient engines. All three models have the same distinctive Dacia logo on front grille, headlights are larger which along with the newly styled grille gives the vehicles a stronger identity. All the models have a dark carbon or two toned dashboard, chrome accents on dials, air vents, steering wheel and gear handles.

Logan and Sandero possess a gasoline TCe90 powertrain which offers fuel consumption of 54.3 mpg and CO2 emissions at 120g/km. The engine delivers 66 kW at 5250 rpm and 135 Nm torque. Sandero Stepway comes with a choice of two engines – TCe 90 and dCi 90. Safety features on all three models include seatbelts with calibrated load limiters for thorax protection. Isofix anchorage points in two rear seats and installation of child seats are seen while every model has front, side and passenger airbags and ESC.

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At the 2012 Paris Motor Show, eight years after the launch of the emblematic Dacia, Logan, the brand is revealing:

? New Logan: the stylish and elegant family car
? New Sandero: the roomy and compact hatchback with five seats
? New Sandero Stepway: the charismatic adventurer

The three new models retain the DNA behind Dacia’s success: unrivalled spaciousness for the money, irreproachable reliability and a simple range offering. At the same time, they get new, more appealing styling, new features and new engines.
Following in the footsteps of its illustrious predecessor, New Dacia Sandero

Stepway is now available in two equipment levels to attract a wider audience.

By renewing three of its core models, Dacia is securing its lead as a smart-buy brand and continuing to adapt to the needs of its target customers, mainly families and former used-vehicle buyers.

Dacia has grown faster than any other car brand over the last few years, selling over two million vehicles since 2004. With a broad, seven-model range, Dacia is also Europe’s youngest auto brand.

Orders for the New Dacia Sandero Stepway and New Dacia Sandero are now open. New Logan launch will begin at the end of the year. The three new models will be released gradually across Europe and the Mediterranean basin, the Dacia’s main markets.


New, more assertive and upmarket styling With New Logan, New Sandero and New Sandero Stepway, Dacia styling becomes more assertive and upmarket.

Stronger identity outside

Dacia’s new design identity is redolent of quality and strength.

The three restyled models share the same harmonious front end, radiating outwards from the Dacia logo in the grille. The design of the large headlights and grille gives the cars a more expressive face.

In profile, the proportion of body to window underlines the impression of robustness, underscored by a sculpted waist line, more emphatic wheel arches and the hollow? flanks found on each new model.

More appeal inside

The three new models feature a new dark-carbon or two-tone dashboard (according to model and version) home to comprehensive and contemporary-style instrumentation, with chrome- surrounded dials and latest-generation, eminently functional controls.

The air-vent surrounds, steering-wheel logo and gear-stick handle label are chrome-finished (according to trim level). The central fascia is highlighted by a color wheel trim embellisher (according to trim) that matches the door handles and the design strip on the steering wheel.

Aesthetic quality has been enhanced through the clever choice of materials and flusher fit.
New, frugal and high-performance engines

New Dacia Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway are available with a broader choice of engines.

On New Dacia Logan and Sandero

Gasoline: TCe 90

For the first time, New Dacia Logan and New Dacia Sandero are available with the TCe 90, a new symbol of the Renault group’s powertrain excellence. This exceptional engine combines driving pleasure and comfort with controlled fuel consumption (5.2 l/100 km*) and CO2 emissions (120 g/km*) for reduced running costs.
Featuring the latest technology and downsizing techniques, the TCe 90 is a three-cylinder, 898cc turbocharged gasoline engine. With its ultra-low-inertia turbocharger plus variable valve timing, it delivers 66 kW (90 hp) at 5,250 rpm and generates 135 Nm from low engine speeds (90% from 1,650 rpm), making it a lively and responsive performer with smooth acceleration. It brings drivers a best-in-class balance between driving performance and fuel consumption.

Gasoline: 1.2 16V 75 (Euro 5)

This 1,149 cm3 engine, developing 55 kW (75 hp), is an impressive all-rounder, equally at ease in the city or out on the open road. Fuel consumption is a low 5.9 l/100 km*, for CO2 emissions of 137 g/km*. The 1.2 16V 75 engine is also available in an LPG version for lower running costs and just 125g/km of CO2* (in course of homologation).

Diesel: dCi 75 and 90 (Euro 5)

Renowned for its driving pleasure, performance reliability, and environmental respect, the 1.5 dCi is available in 55 kW (75 hp) and 66 kW (90 hp) versions. With a torque increased by 20 Nm – 200 Nm of torque at 1,750 rpm for the 75 hp unit and 220 Nm at 1,750 rpm for the 90 hp unit -the 1.5 dCi engine is responsive from even the lowest engine speeds. This performance comes hand in hand with some of the lowest fuel consumption figures in the segment, at 3.8 l/100 km*, for CO2 emissions of 99 g/km*, over a combined cycle representing a decrease of 5 g. Both engines naturally carry the Dacia eco2 signature.

On New Dacia Sandero Stepway: TCe 90 and dCi 90 (in course of homologation).
New Dacia Sandero Stepway comes with a range of powerful engines.
Equipped with the TCe 90, the latest example of the Group’s mechanical expertise, New
Sandero Stepway consumes 5.4 l/100 km* for CO2 emissions of 125 g/km.*
The dCi 90 version bears the Dacia eco² signature in recognition of its low consumption (4.0 l/100 km) and emission (105 g/km) rates over a combined cycle.
* Homologated fuel consumption and emissions figures in compliance with applicable legislation.

New equipment for enhanced comfort and continued freedom for customers to choose the features they need

Consistent with the Dacia philosophy, equipment levels are easy for customers to understand and focused on basics to meet essential customer needs as closely as possible.

Dacia Plug&Radio

New Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway are available with the Dacia Plug&Radio multimedia solution. Plug&Radio consists of a wide screen and an MP3-compatible CD player, plus Bluetooth® technology, fascia jack and USB sockets, and steering wheel-mounted controls under the steering wheel. With Bluetooth® technology drivers can make hands-free calls, with synchronized contacts book and call history, and listen to their favorite tunes via
audio streaming on the car’s speakers.

MEDIA NAV multimedia system

Making its debut on Dacia Lodgy and Dokker, MEDIA NAV is available on all three new models. The simple and user- friendly system, fitted seamlessly in the central fascia, comprises in-car navigation, a radio, Bluetooth® hands- free kit connection and audio streaming, all controlled via a 7-inch (18-cm) touch screen. Navigating the system is easy, via the Menu page. Occupants can also hook up their nomad devices via the USB and jack sockets, mounted on the central fascia for enhanced access and ergonomics, and play them using the touch controls on the screen or the buttons on the steering wheel.

The intuitive touch screen features 2D and “Birdview” (3D) graphics. Customers can update and add mapping content using the USB socket and Naviextra website.
Speed limiter/cruise control and rear parking sensors

A cruise control system – new to the Dacia range – will be available (depending on the version) on New Logan and Sandero, alongside the speed limiter. Rear parking sensors are now available depending on trim level.

Passive safety

For maximum passenger protection, New Dacia Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway benefit from all the safety expertise of Renault’s engineers. Seatbelts are equipped with calibrated load limiters for thorax protection in the event of impact. The three models also feature Isofix anchorage points in the two back lateral seats for easy and 100% safe installation of child seats. From the first trim level up, the new models are fitted as standard with front and side driver and passenger airbags and ESP.

Wide range of accessories

For extra personalization, Dacia proposes a broad range of accessories for everyday use including side moldings, protective mats, headrest hangers and trunk nets. Weekend getaways and vacations have never been this easy thanks to a roof box, ski rack, towing hook, bike rack and nomad cooler. Customers can also personalize their Dacia using decal strips, exclusive wheel rims and fog lamp surrounds.

As always, unrivalled spaciousness and equipment for money
The new Dacia models, like their predecessors, boast more space and features for money than any other cars in Europe.
Roominess and load capacity from the segment above

The interior and exterior dimensions of the three new models are as generous as ever, worthy of the segment above. Rear elbow room in New Sandero is 1436 mm, largely sufficient to seat three adults comfortably or install three child seats.
Trunk volume, at as much as 510 dm3 VDA for New

Logan, remains unbeatable given the price and the compact exterior dimensions of the vehicle.
Practicality and versatility remain strong points, thanks to the 60/40 split-folding rear bench.

The cabin has been enhanced to bring occupants more storage possibilities, notably with the addition of a central cubby box. The storage spaces in the front and rear doors are large enough to house a 1.5-litre and 0.5-litre bottle respectively.

Driving comfort and efficiency

As all the models in the Dacia range, New Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway have excellent ground clearance enabling them to take on all kinds of road conditions. They also feature robust underbody protection for impressive performance on unpaved tracks.

Acoustic comfort has also been improved through additional soundproofing material in the engine compartment and controlled road noise.
And, naturally, excellent reliability
Dacia, a reliable brand that perfectly meets customer needs

Dacia customers have simple and well-targeted needs. They are looking for generous, simple and reliable vehicles that are smart and affordable. Dacia’s is a practical offering that responds perfectly to the expectations of its customers.

Marketing an increasingly wide range of vehicles (Logan, Logan MCV, Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Duster, Lodgy, Dokker, Dokker Van), Dacia is posting remarkable quality results. In the latest 2012 results of ADAC, the benchmark German organization, the reliability of Dacia vehicles has improved continuously over the last three years and Sandero is number four in its category. In February, the brand ranked number-one on reliability in a survey carried out with
30,000 customers by consumer organizations in Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Dacia builds durably reliable cars and is winning the trust of its customers

Dacia vehicles like Renault vehicles are tested in the most extreme conditions. In addition to conventional bench tests at plants, the Renault group puts its vehicles through extreme tests in real-life conditions to confirm their durability. Logan, for example, was tested over 1.9 million kilometers! Dacia cars are designed from the start to be sold internationally, and notably in emerging countries. They are developed according to demanding specifications given the diversity of road conditions in the sales markets.

All Dacia models are covered by a 3-year/100,000-km manufacturer warranty, with service at all dealerships in the network and top-level repair expertise with manufacturer parts. The warranty is targeted at winning new customers, raising awareness of the brand, and building a relationship of trust with customers.

Dacia benefits from the quality expertise of Renault, which has become a leading full-line carmaker on reliability, largely the result of a global group quality policy launched in 2003.

Dacia relies on Renault group and Alliance know-how in standards and processes

New Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway will be produced at the Pitesti plant in Romania and the SOMACA plant in Casablanca, Morocco for the regional market (including Morocco and Tunisia). Starting in second-half 2013, New Sandero will also be produced at the Tangier plant in Morocco.


New Dacia Logan: extra elegance for the emblematic Dacia

Smoother lines for the family sedan

Gaining the new styling identity of the Dacia brand, the exterior design of New Logan is more dynamic, with a more flowing form at the front. The new styling approach is most apparent in the grille and headlights, featuring a more emphatic design common to all three of the new models. The rear further underscores Logan’s robust nature with new lights and a design that showcases the spaciousness of the vehicle.
The styling upgrade gives New Logan a harmonious look and an extra dose of elegance.

Spaciousness for money as impressive as ever

New Logan remains a true family car providing top-notch comfort and practicality for five adults. And it still boasts impressive spaciousness for money. The least expensive car in Europe brings occupants knee room of 178 mm and a trunk measuring 510 dm3 VDA with the seats up – an unrivalled performance in the segment. The new model gains a 60/40 split- folding rear bench, depending on the trim level.

New Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway: supermini or crossover

Dacia has given its hatchback a styling refresh. New Sandero Stepway makes the crossover segment more accessible than ever, while New Sandero brings customers the exact level of features they need.

New Dacia Sandero: the compact 5-door hatchback that does everything you need

New Sandero is a modern compact hatchback with good looks expressing vitality and versatility.
The new model continues to bring customers unrivalled equipment for money and in classic

Dacia style is strong on cabin space and load volume.
Trunk volume of 320 dm3 VDA remains unbeatable given the car’s price and compact design. Sandero is no slouch on practicality and versatility either, with a 60/40 split-folding rear bench, which folds down to increase load volume to 1,200 dm3 VDA.

New Dacia Sandero Stepway: access to a crossover vehicle with even more assertive styling

Born to be wild

New Sandero Stepway, a modern hatchback with a muscular, “go-anywhere” look, has been upgraded with even more attractive styling. Accounting for half of total sales of the previous generation, the new model with its distinctive exterior and interior design is set to appeal to an even broader base of customers looking for a charismatic vehicle.

New Sandero Stepway is ready for adventure with its raised ground clearance, 40 mm higher than Sandero in Western Europe and 26 mm higher in countries with raised suspension systems such as Romania.

The styling of New Sandero Stepway is more harmonious and “go-anywhere” than ever with its redesigned front end and special body features, including front and rear skid plates, fog lamps, two-tone bumper, pronounced wheel arches, 16-inch Flexwheels rims, two-tone lengthwise roof bars, and exclusive Azurite blue paint.

Distinctive interior and comprehensive equipment

New Sandero Stepway gets specially-embroidered upholstery and grey overstitching for a bolder look.

New Sandero Stepway will now be available in two versions: an entry-level model, for access to the Stepway look, and a fully-equipped model featuring the MEDIA NAV multimedia system, air conditioning, cruise control/speed limiter, and a reversing sensor.

The same off-road qualities

New Sandero Stepway is still built on the B0 platform with its renowned comfort and roadholding. With its raised ground clearance, front and rear skid plates and mud flaps, New Sandero Stepway keeps all of its off-road qualities.


“The key to Dacia’s success lies in the way it turned its back on the race for ever more equipment to focus on essentials,” says Arnaud Deboeuf, head of the Entry program. “Generous, reliable and simple, Dacia continues to offer a great deal at a reasonable price. 2012 is a big year for Dacia with the arrival of three new models, Lodgy, Dokker and Dokker Van, and the renewal of three others, Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway. The new products remain true to our roots and feature all the ingredients that have made the brand a success, and even improve on them. Most of all we want to remain attentive to the needs of our customers, because the thing we are most proud of is the Dacia community that has been created around our products.”

In eight years and with over two million cars sold in 36 countries, Dacia is the carmaker having achieved the most significant growth, proving that its offer addresses needs previously unmet. Dacia perfectly reflects the Renault group’s ambition to make mobility accessible to all.

The success of regularly-held Dacia picnics, drawing thousands of people across Europe, shows how attached customers are to the brand. The fourth French picnic event in June set a new attendance record with nearly 12,000 people. The communityspirit is also expressed on a range of websites including Facebook.

DACIA Timeline

1966 : The Dacia brand is established in Romania, named for the land inhabited by the first Romanians.

A licensing agreement is signed with Renault.
Dacia is tasked with supplying modern, robust family cars to all Romanians.

1999 : Dacia becomes a Renault group brand.

Renault acquires Dacia and radically modernizes the company’s first-ever plant at Pitesti. The Group makes a major step-change in quality, since Romanian cars need to be absolutely reliable to cope with a harsh climate, poor roads and huge distances across the Carpathian mountains.

2004: Dacia launches “Logan”, a family saloon that epitomizes the brand’s renewal. From the following year, all production records are beaten, especially once the car is launched on the Western European market. Additions to the range follow, with Logan MCV (station wagon) in 2006, Logan Van and Logan Pick up in 2007, Sandero in 2008, and Duster in 2010.

2011 : Dacia wins over more than 343,000 new customers in a single year. Pitesti operates at full capacity, with support from the Somaca plant in Morocco.

2012 : A new plant is inaugurated in Tangiers (Morocco) to extend the Dacia range, starting with Lodgy, a 5-7 seater family MPV, followed by the Dokker crew van and Dokker Van.

New Dacia Sandero and New Dacia Sandero Stepway: prices and range (French market)

Dacia will take advantage of the Paris Motor Show to open its order books for New Dacia Sandero and New Dacia Sandero Stepway.

New Dacia Sandero will be available in a choice of three equipment levels, while customers will be able to specify one of two equipment levels for the Stepway version.

Like all Dacia models, New Dacia Sandero and New Dacia Sandero Stepway are backed up by a three-year or 100,000km warranty.

Prices for New Dacia Sandero will start from €7,900 in France.

From the very first equipment level, New Dacia Sandero features power steering and a 60/40-split folding rear bench seat for extra comfort and versatility, plus ESC frontal and lateral airbags for enhanced safety.

In addition, the second equipment level (Ambiance) comes with remote central locking, electric front windows and Dacia Plug&Radio audio (radio CD MP3, jack and USB sockets, Bluetooth® telephony with steering wheel-mounted remote control).

The Lauréate equipment level is equipped with climate control, a trip computer and a Modularity Pack (height-adjustable driver’s seat, steering wheel and front seat belts).

From launch, it will be possible to order New Dacia Sandero with one of four engines: the 1.2 16V 75 or brand new TCe 90 petrol engines, as well as the dCi 75 or dCi 90 diesel engines. An LPG-powered version will be available from the end of the year.

New Dacia Sandero Stepway has undergone an upgrade, too, and comes in a choice of two equipment levels, with prices (in France) starting from €10,590.

The Stepway Ambiance version of New Sandero Stepway boasts the same equipment as Sandero Ambiance. It also comes with features expected of crossovers, with its adventurer looks heightened by raised ground clearance, satin-finish chrome-effect front and rear skid plates, longitudinal roof bars, fog lights and sill extensions. Its sporty calling is underpinned by 16-inch Flexwheel wheels, door sill trims and specific Stepway upholstery. Metallic paint is the standard finish for Sandero Stepway.

Over and above this list, the Stepway Prestige equipment level also packs Media Nav navigation, climate control, cruise control with speed limiter, rear parking sensors and electric rear windows.

For the moment, New Dacia Sandero Stepway is powered by the dCi 90 diesel engine, while the catalogue will be joined by the TCe 90 petrol engine at the end of the year.