Parth Ghorpade first Indian driver on Fiorano track courtesy Ferrari Driving Academy

Parth Ghorpade Fiorano track20 year old Indian driver Parth Ghorpade, is the only Indian driver to have experienced a test drive at the Fiorano track. Taking to the wheels of a Formula 3 car run by Ferrari Driver Academy, the young racer received this honor in recognition of being the best Asian driver in the 2012 Formula Pilota Series which was held in China.

Ecstatic Parth took to wheels, and completed 75 laps across the Fiorano track. He gained lap upon lap, and the experience has helped him gauged the power and performance of a vehicle that was more powerful than any other vehicle he has driven to date. He was elated as this opportunity to test out the Ferrari private track, thus accomplishing a dream of every young driver while at the same time gaining in experiencing and testing a super car in the bargain. The exposure let him come to grips with car characteristics that were new to him.

Parth is not only 2012 Formula Pilota Asian Champion. He is a five time National Karting Champion, runners up to the Inaugural 2010 Volkswagen Polo Cup India, and has competed in the Renault F4 series in 2011. This year he has been part of the Formula Renault 2.0 Alps series. FDA Director Luca Baldisserri said, “I am always surprised when faced with the speed of young drivers, who even though relatively inexperienced, quickly learn how to exploit the machine they are given, when supported in the right way.” “I think it was a nice experience for him and I believe that guys like Parth and other talented youngsters who grow up in countries where motor sport has not yet taken root, need opportunities like this to grow and show what they can do.”