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Patna Railway Station free Wifi search data reveals some shocking results

Of all railway stations where free wifi is offered, Patna has come out on top where most porn / adult websites are searched.

As India steps up its internet usage with each passing day, facts that come to fore regarding data usage reveal a fair bit. The need for Wi-Fi is evergrowing, and in demand. Last year, Indian railways and Google India got together to introduce high speed wi-fi in 400 railway stations across the country.

The Indian Railway network is large. Large enough to take you across the length and breadth of the country. As expected, railways form a strong connectivity backbone in India. The railway budget is of particular interest during financial year end. Over time, railway stations have been restructured, cleaning stations have been prioritised, and waste disposal is being modernised. Now, offering free wi-if is a priority.


It sounds great except when you read into the data. The service offered by Railtel under Railwire reveals of 23 stations that offer free Wi-Fi, Patna ranks atop for volume of internet search. However, the free service is being used primarily to search for porn / adult sites.

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With over 200 trains passing through each day, Patna station has high footfalls. Other search preferences include downloading apps, and Hindi and English films. With porn being a priority, it comes as no surprise that search volume here is at an all time high owing either to preference or pattern.


“More than any other railway station in the country, where free Wi-Fi service was launched, the Patna railway station is on the top in the country for using internet search, particularly serach for porn sites,” an official of RailTel, a mini-Ratna public sector undertaking (PSU), said.

Free Wi-Fi is being used primarily to view YouTube followed by Wikipedia.

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