Paul Walker’s death leaves Fast and Furious cast in disbelief

paul walker crashTributes have been pouring in for the actor and he will long be remembered as a star and for his work in Reach Out Worldwide which helped victims of natural disasters across the globe. Walker who leaves behind a 15 year old daughter began his acting career in commercials and has starred in all but one of the Fast and Furious movies in which he plays Brian O’Connor, a law enforcement agent, a name which he is more commonly called. He was currently working on Fast and Furious 7 at the time of his death.

His co-stars from Fast and Furious have been left in disbelief too. Tyrese Gibson was spotted at the accident spot paying tribute to his friend and co-star.

Video: Tyrese Gibson, showed up to pay respects to friend #paulwalker. Shed a few tears. Really sad.

Message from fans to Paul Walker: “Race in Paradise”

Poster fans are signing for Paul Walker at the scene of his death in #valencia

More fans arriving to pay tribute to Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker

Fan picking up remains of the car to make a memorial for Paul Walker at his home

Closer view of tribute altar for Paul Walker

Fans have set up an altar for Paul Walker at the scene of his death in Valencia

Paul Walker before the crash, standing next to the Porsche GT.

The day started such, that Paul was at an event supported by his company, Always Evolving. At the event, there were race cars on display, which was the idea to attract crowd. Once the people were at the event, they could buy the toy cars, money from which will benefit the victims of natural disasters.

Jim Torp, an attendee at the event, told People that after Walker and Rodas drove away in the Porsche, he heard a loud bang and saw smoke a block away, so people rushed to the scene and saw the vehicle on fire.

According to thesupercarkids, following is the full explanation as per Jason Robinson on Facebook:

During a car show that Paul was using to support his charity “Reach Out Worldwide”, Paul and Roger Rodas (The Owner) of Always Evolving Performance, where the event was held decided to take his red Porsche for a spin.

They left the AEP parking lot turning right onto Alta Vista Ave. They then turned right onto Constellation Rd, and then right again onto Kelly Johnson Pkwy where the driver began testing the limits of the Porsche.

Northbound Kelly Johnson Pkwy has a small s curve and a wide sweeping right turn that turns into Hercules St. This business park loop is infamous for drivers using it as a race track and the “Hercules Curve” is where they test their drifting skills.

Paul and Roger’s speed was far too fast into the curve and the car’s rear end kicked out toward the driver side. The driver then over corrected and the passenger side rear end kicked out to the passenger side.

Sliding sideways at high speed, the car hit a light pole directly on the passenger door where Paul was sitting and the car was split/wrapped around the pole.

The fire was a result of the initial impact with the pole, as the force of the impact tore open pressurized fuel lines and the fuel tank, throwing burning gasoline all over the vehicle. The car continued to burn as it came to a sliding stop on a small tree.

The aftermath of Paul Walker’s car crash was also caught on tape. Please watch at your own discretion.

The Red Porsche Carrera GT


Brother I will miss you very much. I am absolutely speechless. Heaven has gained a new Angel. Rest in Peace.