40 yr old performs yoga poses on speeding Honda motorcycle [Video]

Gugulotu Lachiram, a 40 year old farmer by profession, has been known in his village for his love towards motorcycling and yoga. A new short film on him by Barcroft TV reveals how good he really is when he combines his love for motorcycling and yoga.

In the video above, you will see him striking expert yoga positions on public roads near his hometown in Khammam, Andhra Pradesh. Aboard a Honda Shine, Lachiram showed off his yoga skills without any safety equipment while his bike travelled at a speed of around 60 kmph.

He performs these stunts on a daily basis, even while commuting to work. He claims that to date he has not met with any accident while performing these yoga positions and expects to carry on with his practice.

Lachiram has derived inspiration for such a performance while watching various persons performing dangerous stunts on national television. However, it is strongly advocated that viewers do not try these death defying stunts and that practice of yoga be conducted in safe confines while biking is undertaken separately.

yoga on bike

With all due respect towards his expertise, what Lachiram is doing here is highly irresponsible. Without any proper riding gear and not a care for others on public roads, this passion of his could not only be fatal for him, but also for others. In the video itself, you can see him avoiding close calls on a couple of occasions.

Apart from Lachiram, there is another Indian who is famous for performing Yoga on a motorcycle. He is Chennai based Yogaraj C P, who is also credited with the Guinness World Record of Most Consecutive Yoga Positions On A Motorcycle.