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Pervert who masturbated while riding, lands in jail after girl tweets picture to Mumbai Police

Bandra resident, 35 yr old Rais Likayat Qureshi was nabbed in three hours after the picture was tweeted.

After their college got over, two girls took a rickshaw to head back home. While boarding the rickshaw, one of the girls noticed a man on motorcycle, staring at them. Not deciding to react, the girls boarded the rickshaw and started their journey.

Within a few minutes, they see the same man, this time he is riding his motorcycle (a black coloured Yamaha RX100). But this time, the rider was not only staring at the girls in rickshaw, but was also jerking off at the same time, in broad daylight!

Both girls panicked. But, thanks to the quick thinking of one of the girls, they manage to click the man’s shameless act on their phone. Soon they circulated the image among their friends. One of their friend, Zeeba tweeted the image to Mumbai police.

Mumbai Police responded swiftly to the tweet. Within one hour, she got a phone call from the respective Police department asking for more details of the rider. Luckily, the girls in rickshaw had noted down the bike’s registration number plate. In less than 3 hours, Mumbai Police arrested the rider, who is a 35 year old Bandra resident known as Rais Likayat Qureshi. He is single, and stays with his parents.

“Looking at the girls, the accused flashed his private parts and began masturbating on the moving bike. The teenage girls were horrified, but did the smartest thing by clicking his photographs and catching him in the act,” said an officer from Khar police station.

The photograph leaves no doubt as to what Qureshi was doing. Cops have booked him under Section 354 (outraging woman’s modesty). He was presented at Bandra Metropolitan magistrate court, after which he was sent to judicial custody till July 26.

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    • Yep, another news of some perv ola cab driver recording a lady. Though the whole world is full of AHoles but the crème de la crème are available in India. Ridiculous people around.

      • Actually i won’t recommend such actions officially. It may lead to more problems. As the great philosopher once said “Street justice would end up shooting a person just for pissing on the lawn and end up executing the one’s who jump traffic signals”. Which makes a lot of sense. But what i will do is that i might take a day off and call in sick, on that day may be some unfortunate accidents could happen like perverts having their wiener’s chopped off while shaving. Ooops. Better be careful with the blade. Accidents happen right?

        For further reading “The Great Philosopher” refer Clint Eastwood from Magnum Force.

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