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Petrol cars and diesel vehicles demand in India

While demand for petrol engine vehicles took a tumble following rising petrol prices in the recent past, it is found that demand for petrol cars still continue to dominate the markets. 2008 saw a 75% share of petrol cars that first slipped to 69% in 2011 and further lowered to 47% during the year but this share increased to 58% in 2012. This see saw of demand seems to be a thing of the past with more customers now opting for petrol engine vehicles all over again as fuel prices are no longer a world apart.

Seeing sudden shift in demand from petrol to diesel engine vehicles caused a fracas in the auto markets with more and more companies investing heavily in new diesel variants and development of diesel engines. Auto manufacturers also took it on themselves to educate the public on pros and cons of diesel vehicles as against petrol versions. Diesel vehicles, besides coming at a premium over petrol variants, also require more maintenance which add to long terms costs, especially when used for commercial transportaion. Toyota, Suzuki and Hyundai is also offering advice to walk in customers by offering information on long term running costs of various vehicles.

Recent announcements by the Government of India with regard to rising costs of diesel have also contributed to buyers showing more loyalty to petrol variants now that the disparity between price of diesel and that of petrol are soon to decrease. Buyers have also realized that running costs of a diesel variant is only economical provided they travel over 1500 kms per month and this has all led to the resurgence of demand for petrol vehicles in the Indian market. Diesel engine demand has compelled Honda India to design the Amaze diesel sedan, which is incidentally their first diesel in this part of the world.



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