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Peugeot Fractal Concept Sportscar breaks cover

Peugeot Fractal Concept has been unveiled through images ahead of the sportscar design study’s first public appearance at Frankfurt Motor Show later this month. The compact roadster is described by the company as a pure ‘electric urban coupe cabriolet’.

The snazzy concept has an extremely compact footprint, measuring 3.81 m in length and 1.77 m in width. The small size and lightweight construction translates into a kerb weight of just 1,000 kg.

Design borrows a few cues form the brand’s GT Vision race car concept that was designed for Grand Turismo 6 PlayStation game. Be it the trough shaped grille, the chin spoiler with ‘Fractal’ engraved on it or the sporty air intakes, the front fascia is full of sharp surfaces. The outlandish twin triangular LED headlamps bifurcated by unique indicator strip earn a special mention.

About 80% of Peugeot Fractal concept’s interior is composed of 3D printed parts.

The radical appeal is extended to the profile as well. The cabriolet is bestowed with a lightweight removable roof with a steeply raked rear windshield. The cabon fibre bodywork at the rear features air intake pods that complement the ones upfront along with ‘Peugeot’ and ‘Fractal’ engravings. The wraparound LED taillights complete the design.

The minimal dashboard sports a rectangular multifunction steering wheel, a thin centre console and a touchscreen infotainment system. The attention to detail on the inside is terrific thanks to parts that are 3D printed.

The electric powertrain consists of two 102 PS electric motors – one at each axle – deriving power from a 30 KWh battery pack. The system is claimed to have a range of 450 km. 0-100 kmph comes in 6.8 seconds. An adjustable air suspension which alters the ground clearance between 7 cm and 11 cm is another noteworthy feature.

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Peugeot says that Fractal represents a prospective design for a urban electric coupe but maintains that it’s just a concept as of now.

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