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Peugeot Quartz hybrid SUV concept for 2014 Paris Motor Show

Quartz concept is Peugeot’s offering of futuristic high-performance SUV, which the French automaker describes as crossover of body of SUV with cabin of sedan. Quartz concept stretches the tape to 4500 mm lengthwise and 2060 mm widthwise. Large 23-inch alloy wheels fitting 305mm Continental tires raise the Quartz up high; ground clearance can be changed between 300 mm and 350 mm with help from a pneumatic system. Covered with composite flaps the alloy rims optimise aerodynamic flow and also redirect air to cool brakes.

On front, Peugeot Quartz concept features sleek LED headlights, large heptagon lower air dams on either side of front grille, long bonnet drooping towards front, two scissor doors, absentee B-pillar, retractable step for ease of access and two inconspicuous spoilers at the end of roof towards rear.

Interior of Quartz is stylised with Peugeot’s i-Cockpit design, which is seen in the company’s recent production cars. Cabin is sported with four bucket seat with racing harnesses, and a mixture of leather and “digitally woven textile” that is made of fibre drawn from recycled plastic water bottles. Digital weaving method allows large and complex shaped components to be fabricated in desired shape without cutting or leaving waste.

Further inside Peugeot Quartz crossover SUV, fashionable multi-function steering wheel can be seen along with two digital dashboard readouts and a Head-Up Display (HUD) displaying driving information.

Quartz concept is powered by plug-in hybrid system comprising of a four cylinder 1.6 litre THP 270 petrol engine and two electric motors churning out a combined 493 bhp maximum power; mated to six-speed automatic transmission. Electric motor on front acts as regenerative braking unit to charge the onboard 400 Volt battery during retardation and balances power delivery during gear shifting (IC engine). Second electric motor is used only for starting up when Race mode is engaged.

Apart from Quartz hybrid SUV concept, Peugeot will also showcase revamped Exalt, 208 Hybrid Air and 308 GT models at 2014 Paris Motor Show.

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