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Peugeot reveals eDL 122: Bold and innovative mobility solution

Peugeot Cycles have revealed their all new concept, eDL 122. Peugeot eDL122 is fitted with an electric motor and a battery, but thanks to its innovative design, it will not be easy to figure that at first glance. The electric motor is strategically placed on the 20” front wheel of eDL 122. In their own words, “Peugeot Cycles continues to innovate in the world of cycling. With the new Urban Cycles Peugeot, CHIC, BOLD and INNOVATIVE, choose your style mobility. E-122 DL is perfect for urban use clean, effortlessly and without noise.”

Peugeot eDL 122 sees extensive use of high quality aluminum for it frame. You will also find and lightweight wood grips on this modern cycle. This motor is noiseless and effortless and ideally suited for urban use. Also strapped at the side is a leather bag which can contain your laptop and other items.

Peugeot eDL 122 is quite fashionable, which is expected as it comes from France. Use of lacquered and textured materials in its construction adds to its sturdiness. A specially designed 8 speed transmission with belt drive, leather seat and grips are all designed by Peugeot Design.

Peugeot eDL 122 features Anti-Theft system, a battery that is fully removable for easy recharge via 220V supply. You can also recharge the battery while it is connected to the bike. Saddle is in black and orange top stitching while leather handles are in matching colors. Price of this exclusive electric bike is still unavailable but it will definitely be in keeping with its upscale finish and features.

Peugeot Cycles is headquartered in Sochaux. Peugeot, as a brand, came into existence in 1810, as a coffee mill. In 1830, they began manufacturing bicycles, way before they started manufacturing cars, which they started in 1882. Today, Peugeot Cycles are sold in Europe, America and Japan.


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