Mahindra Peugeot deal brings French scooters to India for R&D

Mahindra Two Wheelers (MTWL) has acquired 51 percent stake in Peugeot Motocycles (PMTC), which gives the Indian two-wheeler maker access to the French brand’s products and technologies. Some of the Peugeot scooters were imported into India last year for showcasing to shareholders and dealers, after which Pune R&D facility was asked to conduct feasibility study on the scooters for future possibility of local production and distribution.

The Peugeot models that are brought into India are StreetZone, SpeedFight 3, Django Sport, Citystar 125 and Satelis 2 300i.

As of now, there are no plans for Peugeot scooters to be launched in India any soon. The market is still considered to be at nascent stage for premium and performance scooters. Say if Peugeot scooters were to be launched in India, the entry-level model would be priced at around Rs. 80,000 at the least. The whole Kinetic Blaze situation would be repeated again if the scooters were to be rushed for Indian launch.

Viren Popli, Chief of Operations at Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited, recently mentioned that Peugeot will have an independent identity in India when it is introduced at the right time, and that Mahindra will not create a product that will look like a Peugeot.

Mahindra Two Wheelers is busy working on getting the Mojo ready for production trials, and they also have their hands full on launching a new 125 cc scooter based on Gusto’s platform in mid-year and a 150 cc motorcycle towards the end (in December).

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