Peugeot unveils stunning new hybrid concept Exalt

peugeot-exalt-hybrid-concept-image-1-front-quarterThe Exalt is driven by a plug-in HYbrid4 drive train with combined max. power of 340hp driving all four wheels. Front wheels are turned by 1.6l 270 bhp 4-cylinder petrol power plant developed by Peugeot Sport that develops specific power output of about 170 hp per litre, mated to a 6-speed auto gearbox. The rear multi-link axle bears a 50 kW electric power house powered by battery, and energy recovery braking.

Driving modes include pure electric, petrol only and petrol-electric hybrid, that is selected automatically by understanding the driver’s driving style continually through the throttle pedal. The 5 door hatchback extends to a length of 4.70 metres and stands with a low roof line of just 1.3 metres on a set of 20-inch milled steel wheels.

The bodywork of the Exalt is hand-formed by a master panel beater as a tribute to the art of the French motor car from the twenties and thirties. The use of Shark Skin fabric on the rear portion of the car is distinctly distinguished by the abruptly striking colour separation from steel grey to red textile. The Shark Skin textile is claimed to significantly improve the drag coefficient, thus enhancing aerodynamic performance of the vehicle. This contributes to reducing fuel consumption consequently.

peugeot exalt hybrid concept image 5 rear top viewThe wooden trimmed tailgate by adopting pantograph mechanism makes for a versatile sedan, as maximum opening of hatch door requires only very less space outside. The cabin presents an exposition of culturally significant materials of French and Chinese melded with natural wool-based “chiné” mixed fabric, aged leather, bare steel and ebony, with each material selected solely for their efficiency. Bare steel is used in areas where passengers would not come in contact with. Speaker system is enclosed in 3D printed strips and bucket seats are made of composites. Naturally aged Leather and Fabric are worked together to make the upholstery.

The sophisticated wood is garnished with a unique design created by the trio PINWU Design. Furthermore, the cabin is loaded with technology such as PEUGEOT i-Cockpit, black light and Pure Blue air purifier. Two folding touch screens arise from the centre console, with top screen displaying onboard computer, Hi-Fi and navigation system interfaces. The second screen beneath provides control to the automatic air conditioning and Pure Blue systems.

peugeot exalt hybrid concept image 6 interior dashboardSpeaking of Pure Blue system, it is a futuristic technology that spreads bactericides and fungicides when the vehicle is empty to clean the cabin surfaces, and once the car starts moving, an active filter treats the air entering the cockpit to eliminate VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and fine particles. This ensures all-time purified environment while driving. The Black light system is incorporated into the headlamps which assists road vision while transitioning between day and night.

All the most tempting features make Exalt a highly desirable car and we hope Peugeot will not limit the design to the drawing board, like it did with the Onyx and allow the Bruce Waynes of real world to own and park it at their homes or caves (whatever be their fetish). Beijing Motor Show will premier the Exalt later this month. Until then, have a look at the images below.

peugeot exalt hybrid concept image 3 side

peugeot exalt hybrid concept image 4 rear quarter

peugeot exalt hybrid concept image 7 interior front seats

peugeot exalt hybrid concept image 12 center wood console

peugeot exalt hybrid concept image 11 seat rear design