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Photo of cop pleading to a man on bike with family goes viral

Sighting more than two on a motorcycle is not new. In fact, it is considered quite normal. Police have tried to stop this, but they seemed to have failed miserably, especially in small towns and villages.

Now, a cop pleading to a man, who used to travel daily on his bike with two kids, wife and a relative (that’s three adults and two kids on a puny motorcycle), has gone viral on social media. This photograph was taken at Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh.

The cop who seen in the photo, had been requesting the man to stop travelling with more than one person on the bike. But the biker never listened. In addition to this, he never wore a helmet, neither any of his multiple pillions. The cop even tried to fine him, but nothing changed the mind of this biker.

In the end, the cop is left with no other option but to plead with folded hands to the man on bike. We are shocked at the way the rider has thrown caution to the wind by risking the lives of himself and his four family members, all of whom are seen without helmets.

The photo has been tweeted by Abhishek Goyal, an IPS officer from the Karnataka cadre with the lines – “What else can he do? We always have a choice …. Choose the safe one.”

The police officer in question is B Shubh Kumar of Madakasira Circle in Anantapur. The biker, K Hanumantharayudu with his two sons seated on the petrol tank of the bike, his wife behind him and another relative seated behind his wife, are all seen on the bike. The irony of the situation is that Kumar had just conducted a 1.5 hour program on road safety which was also attended by the family in question.

This is not the first time that K Hanumantharayudu has ridden dangerously and has been warned several times in the past for his hazardous riding. The cop was so stunned by this sight that all he would do was fold his hands in total helplessness to the careless attitude of this rider and the extreme risk at which he has subjected his loved ones to.

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