Pininfarina displays future car design projects by students

Pininfarina displays future car design projects by students at Turin Motor Show

Italian design house Pininfarina recently conducted a workshop for students of Europe’s top design firms to come up with future car design concepts for the theme – “On Board Emotions”. The select design proposals from the student workshop are currently on display at Borgo Medievale as a part of the ongoing Torino Motor Show.

The projects are from students of IAAD (Italy), IED (International Network), ISD Rubika (France) and UMEA (Sweden). The designs focus on evolution of automotive design in the light of autonomous driving technologies.

Pininfarina future car design projects by students
The projects focus on how autonomous driving technology changes future car design.

The objective of this workshop is to discover how the new forms of mobility can affect the functionality of the interiors and the emotional and sensorial experience on board. Fabio Filippini, chief creative officer, Pininfarina stated that the student workshop is a part the brand’s 85th Anniversary celebrations. He also added that the firm is looking forward to welcoming some of these design students on board.

The concepts include Pininfarina Proteo, Legame, Molly, Individuale, Entity and Companion, Morphing Arena, A-Craft, Insideout, Eredita Romana, Il Gigante Della Strada, La Protezione Materna, Bipolari, Casa, Dualita, Galleria, X,etc.

Pininfarina future car design projects by students
Each concept highlights an emotion experienced by the occupants of a future car.

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The designs will be showcased at Borgo Medievale till 12th of June. Pininfarina is also showcasing the H2 Speed Concept and BMW Pininfarina Grand Lusso Coupe at the Turin Motor Show.


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