Plastic is the future: Ford Motors

Mr Joe Hinrich, President, Ford Asia and Africa, said, “Between China, India and (South East Asia), 2 billion people will be able to afford a car and be of driving age by the year 2020. There isn’t enough oil or parking spots for all these people. Who’s going to tell people they can’t have this freedom of transportation that people in the West already have?”

Now this is a serious question, but with a solution. Mr Hinrich said, “Plastics play a key role in all of that.” At Plastics News Global Group conference in Guangzhou, China earlier this year, Mr Hinrich stated, “The answer, instead, is to improve the cars themselves.”

In order to make the car cheaper and sturdier, research has shown that plastic use can in cars can help car manufacturers. Plastic will not only make cars lighter but will also be able to save a lot of money and time.

World’s largest car industry is the Chinese industry, even though the growth rate is slowing, China is still the No 1 consumer of cars in the world today. 3 out 4 are first time owners in China. Buying a car is a family decision in this part of the world. Mr Hinrich added, “Somebody who works for us just bought her first car and even the color was a family decision. She wanted yellow, her parents wanted black — they ended up with blue.”

Average Chinese buyer is ready to spend around $14,500 on a car and according to Hinrich, “There is a lot of focus on power train technology. But, the most important thing is the customer, and right now the customer isn’t voting for those technologies.”