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PM Modi will soon get a new aircraft to use as Air India One


It is a flying fortress of sorts as PM Modi’s new Air India One can dodge missiles, can withstand grenade and rocket attacks and skirt and jam enemy radar.

Similar to Barack Obama’s Air Force One, PM Modi’s new Air India One will soon be introduced into service. Mahohar Parikar, Defence Minister of India is set to finalise deals for two such Boeing 777-300s at the Defence Acquisition Council Meeting scheduled for June 25, 2016.

Over the past two years, PM Modi has made around 40 trips aboard. To date, he has been travelling in the ageing Boeing 747 but it will be the state of the art Boeing 777-300 which will soon take its place.

pm modi air force one

The new Boeing 777-300 is equipped with the latest of technology fitted to take the PM’s safety to higher levels as he is high on the target list of a host of terror groups.

The highly secure Boeing 777-300 will have anti-missile defence systems, radar warning receivers and missile approach warning systems. It will have the capacity to store food for upto 2,000 persons and be capable of air to air refueling system in the event of an emergency.

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The presence of doctors round the clock is ensured on board the aircraft while provisions have also been made for a fully functional operation theater. Broadband, radio and telecommunication services with a total of 19 TV sets are also to be seen on the new Air India One which will also sport an executive office and bedroom.

Air India One is the call sign of any aircraft which has either the Prime Minister or the President of India on board.

Air India One is the call sign of any aircraft which has either the Prime Minister or the President of India on board.

A team of 8 pilots fly the VVIPs while 4 pilots are onboard at all times during the flight. Air Force One is managed by the Indian Air Force and operates from the Palam Air Force Station in the Capital.

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