Polaris ATV with Military grade non-pneumatic tyres for civilians

001 polaris atv non pneumatic tyreThis military grade ATV gets an exoskeleton and Terrain Armor tyres which have been put to the test to show that they are capable of withstanding a hit from a .50 caliber round and still travel a distance of 350 miles or tackle a distance of 1000 miles when struck by a rail road spike.

Sportsman WV850 H.O. has towing capacity of 1500 pounds and an 11.75 gallon fuel tank. Sales commence from December, but it may be noted that the ATV with these specs will be limited in number. The ATV is powered by a fuel injected twin engine. It has carrying capacity for a total of 600 pounds divided into 200 pounds in its front and 400 pounds at the rear.

It has a 57” wheelbase and weighs a total of 1114 pounds. Non pneumatic tyres (NTP) doing duty on Sportsman WV850 H.O bear a honeycomb design which ensures that these tyres never go flat. NTPs till date were only seen on military vehicles but thanks to a decision taken by Polaris earlier this year, the tyres have also made their way into consumer markets. For more information, scroll through the press release below.