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Polaris ATVs and 1 lakh reflectors from Maruti Suzuki for BSF in Rajasthan

While arms exhibitions and band shows across India are being held in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Indian Border Security Force (BSF), Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) honors this landmark with supply of 1 lakh vehicle reflectors to enhance safety.

MSIL is supplying 1 lakh vehicle reflectors to BSF that will go a long way in augmenting vehicle safety, controlling road accidents and patrolling border areas in Rajasthan.

Apart from this, BSF have also commissioned two new Polaris ATVs which will help them patrol the border areas more efficiently. If need arises, more ATVs will be ordered. For now, they will be patrolling the border areas in the ATVs and on camels.

Other safety operations approved by the Government of India include INR 33 crores sanctioned by the Center for fixing of border fences that will play a major role in securing the borders. There is also a new first of its kind project which has seen the India-Pakistan border in the Jaisalmer district brightly lit. This is thanks to a new solar energy vapour plant installed at an investment of INR 6.45 crore. This plant will save the government crores or rupees. If successful, the same method will be implemented across all borders.

The BSF weapon exhibition in Coimbatore is a part of its 50th anniversary celebrations. The 118 battalion of BSF organized this exhibition with special emphasis to demonstrate to the general public and particularly to young students the weaponry in their possession. These included light machine gun (LMG), medium machine gun (MMG), 81 mortar, 51 mortar and Carl Gustav recoilless rifle (CGRL). With these weapons, the BSF is ready to tackle any sort of eventuality faced from enemy camps.

The BSF, India’s border guard force was established on December 1, 1965. It is the one Para Military Force that possesses independent Air Wing, Marine Wing and Artillery.

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