Polaris Slingshot recall – Stop Sale & Stop Ride notice issued

Polaris Industries has issued an emergency Stop Sale and Stop Ride notice to dealers and customers to prevent any unfortunate incident by the Slingshot.

Polaris Slingshot recall
Starting price of Polaris Slingshot is $19,999 (Rs. 12.31 lakhs)

The three-wheeled sport machine is found two have two major flaws that will put the life of occupants at risk. One, is possible fault in ball bearings belonging to the vehicle’s steering system (steering rack to be specific), which if fails could decide on its own where the Slingshot should be headed instead of the driver. In simpler terms, it could cause impromptu loss of control.

Second possible defect in Polaris Slingshot is with the roll hoops positioned over the seats, supposed to be guarding the driver and passenger during an accidental rollover. According to Polaris Industries’ supplier, some of the roll hoops are not upto the required standards, which may fail to protect the occupants adequately in case of a crash.

Image Courtesy – slingshotforums.com

Polaris has informed its dealers that corresponding replacement parts will be available for order from 22nd January 2015. The company will not charge the customers if faults in aforementioned parts are identified and replaced. Needless to say, customers shall rush to the nearest Polaris dealer to enrol in the recall procedure.

Polaris Slingshot has already had many problems until launch, especially with the legalities of letting it loose it on road. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of some states did not immediately approve the three-wheeler to be considered as a motorcycle, given, well, it has three wheels, apart from side-by-seating like cars instead of a straight saddle.