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Polestar invites job applications for Chief Financial Officer and Technical Director

Polestar, major motorsports and performance partners of Volvo, founded in 1996 are well versed with the tasks involved with regard to racing operations. Polestar is a leader, be it in marketing, sales of performance products or all other racing facilities required for effective and accurate conduct of motorsports. Polestar Group with an annual turnover of 120 million Swedish Kroner, consists of five companies – Polestar Holding, Polestar Performance, Polestar Services, Polestar Racing and CityArena.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – Polestar seeks applications for the post of ‘Chief Financial Officer’. This is a new post which the company has created enable all round growth and development. The post will require foreign travel while the CFO will need to participate in all business development processes while assisting the CEO of the company in assessment of deals, look into various areas of risk analysis and business law. Various financial responsibilities including management, reporting and development of financial systems will also be part of the CFO’s duties.

Since this post calls for sound knowledge of finance, accounting, taxation and business development, persons having an MBA or equivalent degree can apply. The applicant should also possess responsibility and commitment and should be backed by adequate work experience in allied posts. The job also calls for fluency in speech and writing of both English and Swedish.

Technical Director (TD) – Polestar seeks applications for the post of ‘Technical Officer’. The applicant will be responsible for all business oriented technology development. He will be in charge of 16 qualified employees and 2 group managers. He will need to oversee projects, construction and R&D activities of the company and will be responsible for project planning, purchase and delivery contracts. The TD will report directly to the CEO.  Applicants to the two above posts need to submit their application at www.maquire.se by 25th of January. For further information, contact Gunilla Thulin +46 (0)735-49 99 00, gunilla.thulin@maquire.se or Åse Torbjär Granath, +46 (0)763-38 87 97, ase@maquire.se

The person applying should be a Master of Science in Engineering and must have a minimum of 10 years experience in allied fields. Sound technical and economical competence will be crucial for the post while experience in all purchase and negotiation facilities would be added advantages. Quick decision makers, action oriented individuals and the ability to work as a team would be essential for this post.


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