Video shows Kanpur Traffic Police tow biker along with bike - Here's why
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Video shows Kanpur Traffic Police tow biker along with bike – Here’s why

Kanpur’s Traffic Police load a motorcycle and its rider onto a towing vehicle after the owner refused to let go of his bike.


It was indeed a comic sight to see bike and rider being towed away by a tow truck through the streets of Kanpur on Wednesday. A video captured by the rider’s friend, who was riding behind the tow truck, has revealed how traffic cops have towed away a motorcycle with its owner sitting on it.

The incident happened at the Bada Chauraha area in Kanpur while reports claim that the bike was parked in a ‘No Parking Zone’ outside the branch of Reserve Bank of India.

In India, signs of ‘No Parking’ are sometimes in the most obscure of places, sometimes out of the view of the general public. They are very often scribbled on the walls or half defaced on boards with only a keen eye able to spot them. It is many a hapless driver or rider who has failed to notice such boards and ended up on the wrong side of the law.

However, it does not absolve the conscious vehicle owner from obeying the law and showing such an air of stubbornness goes beyond the call of duty to abide both the law and the law makers. The biker should have tried reasoning with the traffic police or then agreed to comply with stipulated regulation and pay up the fine for wrong parking.

Instead, he displayed an air of arrogance and defiance and put his own life and limb to the test by hanging onto his bike even as it was towed away by the tow vehicle while he is seen holding onto the chain of the tow truck to prevent him from falling backwards. Watch the video below.