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Police fines Toyota owner for having sticker on his car – The sticker was company fitted

Have you been in a situation where you have all the paper work, are driving in speed limit, wearing seat belt, driving with all rules and regulations checked, etc. Basically you are doing everything in your power to stay on the good side of traffic cops.

But even then, you are pulled over. Not only that. You are fined too. Well, this happened with a Toyota car owner in Dhaka, Bangladesh recently.

Dhaka Traffic Police fines for ‘Stikar Use’

The photo above is self-explanatory. The images shared by Raihan Ahmed / The Car Vault asks this question to people on social media – “Have you ever seen a case for using sticker on car? Can anyone here from traffic police department come up with the proper logic?”

Well, we do not have one logical answer as to why a traffic cop would fine someone for a sticker job that is so minimal. We can understand if the traffic cop gave a ticket to those bad decal jobs. That is totally acceptable. But for this?

And on top of that, it was not applied by the car owner, it came with the car. Toyota sells the car like that. Not the car owner’s fault.

The stickers are factory fitted.

But in spite of all explanations, the traffic cop refused to budge. He went ahead and gave the Toyota owner a receipt for 400 Taka (Rs 325). The post has since gone viral on social media. There is support for the car owner, but it remains to be seen if he will get a refund.

Shah M A Aziz comments – “As per law, any modifications to the the car should be permitted from BRTA (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority), it may be color, Tire size body,etc. It’s common. Police too ignore the sticker but if they want they can make any relating issues within the scope. As there is no direct prosecution describe. You may get waiver from Traffic DC office upon request, if you can convince.”

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