Cops take confiscated Lamborghini Huracan for a joy ride

Not only did the London police mistakenly pull over a £200,000 Lamborghini Huracan for allegedly not being insured but the cops also took the car for a joy ride. The incident occurred on Wednesday near London’s Heathrow Airport.

London based car hire company City Supercars found one of their prime cars was being pulled over by the police on the assumption that it had no insurance.

Even as the car was heading to Bradford, Yorkshire for use at a clients wedding, the cops impounded the vehicle and then took it for a joy ride. The Lamborghini tracker clocked 63 mph in a 30 mhp zone and 47 mph and 53 mph between 1.03am and 1.05am on Thursday morning.

City Supercar owner, Erwyn Mackee said that the cops pulled him over and insisted on confiscating the vehicle even as he emailed documents to prove that insurance was in order. The company had renewed the vehicle insurance, however, details were not available on Motor Insurance Database.

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Despite offering proof of insurance, the cops threatened the owner/driver who also happens to be a lawyer. They stated that the evidence shown was photoshopped. They even threatened him with arrest.

It was only next morning at 8 am when Mackee presented paperwork that the car was released. However, this has not stopped Mackee from tweeting to the Met Police. He will also be making a formal complaint to Independent Police Complaints Commission. Further investigations are underway.

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