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Police to send notice to all bikers who own bikes above 500cc

Police have been receiving around 10 calls each weekend from housing societies along the Palm Beach Road in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. It is along this road that residents allege bikers speed.

Now decision has been made to watch out for bikes above 500cc to curb alleged speeding. As is likely, it’s been said such incidents occur late in the night and on weekends.

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While dangers of speeding are well known, residents have complained about noise, which is also disturbing. However, the bikers flee from the spot as soon as the cops arrive and the cops are at their wits end on ways to nab these speedsters as the police vehicles do not match up to the speed of the racing bikes.

There’s also the problem of intercepting speeding vehicles because it could end badly for both riders and cops. As coppers prepare to gather data from local RTO’s so notices can be issued, there’s no dialogue around cars speeding down the road. This effort appears to only target big bike riders assumed to also be speeding.

Image used for representation.

Police Commissioner of Navi Mumbai, Sanjay Kumar, has directed Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Sunil Lokhande to garner data on these bikes that are above the 500cc mark. Legal notices will be sent to those found speeding or racing which will be followed by legal action and suspension of licenses. There will also be 2 speedometers used on the road to track this speed.

This move comes at a time when the speed hazard to local residents was pointed out at a meeting conducted as part of Raising Day on Tuesday. The local residents drew the attention of the cops to these speedsters who race down the road at break neck speed, causing much disturbance to residents especially in the midnight hours on weekends.

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