Politician’s son beats biker on road for not letting their SUV pass – Video

Such instances of abuse of power are a common phenomenon in India where some political leaders and their kith and kin think they are above the law and can dictate terms on the road.

This time round it is Munnu Pawar, son of a politician Manturam Pawar who along with his friends thrashed up bikers for not allowing their SUV to overtake. The incident occurred on Independence Day, was captured on video by a passerby and has recently gone viral across social media platforms.


The video shows Munnu and his friends thrashing the bikers with sticks and also hitting and kicking them. The reason, apparently the bikers did not let Munnu’s SUV overtake them at Pakahanjur in Kanker, Chhattisgarh.

The bikers apparently did not give politician’s son enough room to overtake their SUV. This angered Munnu who sped past the bikers and forced them to stop and then along with his friends thrashed them mercilessly. Besides hitting the victims, Munnu and his friends also threatened them with dire consequences if they so much as dared to complain to the police.

Manturam Pawar, rather than apologizing for his son’s actions, backs his son wholeheartedly stating that such instances of road rage are common while the police are free to take any action against his son. However, to date no complaint has been lodged against Munnu and his friends.

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