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Uttar Pradesh working towards introducing poo bus in India, in talks with Scania

Seeing the high pollution levels, and the impressive working variant of poo bus in the UK; UP government wants the poo bus in India. Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) has entered into talks with Swedish bus maker Scania for production such buses in India.

Poo bus in the UK, which went operational in November last year, is developed by GENeco – an award winning recycling and renewable energy company.

The UPSRTC ‘poo bus’ will be used for intra city transportation across 75 districts thus making UP the first state in the country to receive bio fuel powered buses. The buses will require human waste of 100 persons to fuel a 200 km ride. Apart from this, Scania is also showcasing how household waste can be used as a sustainable way of fuelling buses while also ensuring better air quality.

Scania will manage the entire operation system right from the running of the buses to their maintenance. The Swedish company will also take care of trip timings, travel hours and cost of fuel besides salaries to drivers. UPSRTC will pay Scania fees as per kilometers run which could work out to INR 60-75 per km which will vary according to area of operation.

Though the bus of UK is from ISUZU, the system to convert waste into fuel is from GENeco.

Besides initiating launch of poo buses, UPSRTC also plans launch of biomethane buses and ethanol run buses which will be used for long distance travel.

Poo powered bus explained – Video

Different stages of the process

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