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Porsche Cayenne funeral in China

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When it comes to China, stories about their super expensive cars are always one of a kind. In keeping with that pattern, the latest sees the funeral of a Porsche Cayenne in front of the Porsche dealership. The ceremony was held on 21st September 21, 2013 in Changsha, Hunan Province of China.

Porsche_Cayenne (5)The owner, Hao Gang, and his wife had an accident earlier in the year on Shanghai-Kunming freeway. At the time, the engine stalled, and steering wheel and brake stopped working when he looked at slowing down.

As a result, he rear-ended another car. Airbags saved their lives but Porsche China claimed that the car was in good condition, and the accident was due to driver error.

Time and again, Chinese luxury car owners have found themselves at loggerheads with manufacturers when it comes to fixing car problems, and a number of them have opted for total annihilation too. In this case however no further destruction has been carried out and the destroyed vehicle is being left in the dealership car park until Hao Gang is compensated. Photo and story credit


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