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Porsche responds to lawsuit from Paul Walker’s daughter

A day after the news about Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow Walker and her lawyers filing lawsuit against Porsche AG emerged, the Stuttgart based sportscar manufacturer has revealed their side of the story via official statement to the media.

The lawsuit filed by 16 year old Meadow Walker and her lawyers, claimed that it was a faulty 2005 Carrera GT which was to be blamed for her father’s death and not the reckless driving. Ms Walker says that the car’s instability and control issues did not function properly, which resulted in her father, 40 year old Paul Walker’s death.

As per the lawsuit filed by Meadow, Paul Walker was still alive when the car careened off a corner and crashed into a concrete lamp post. But, as the seat belt had snapped back so hard, it broke Paul’s ribs and pelvis. This resulted in Paul being restricted to the passenger seat of the car.

Within 1 minute and 20 seconds of the impact, the car caught fire as the fuel line had started leaking. Paul Walker died due to the burns he suffered in the fire and the soot he breathed into his lungs, and not due to the crash. This is the reason Meadow has filed a lawsuit over a wrongful death.

Porsche in their statement to the media, maintains that the death of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas was due to the crash, which was due to reckless driving and excessive speed.

As per the lawsuit filed, the speed of the car was 71 mph at the time of crash. Ms Walker says, if the PMS (Porsche Stability Management System) of the car was in place, it would have never careened off, and lost control. It is because the company intentionally decided not to install PMS in the 2005 Carrera GT, the accident occurred.

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